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Friday, July 27, 2012

WATER WARS - The insanity of Jerry Brown

Bone dry Owens Lake.
Now a dust bowl, Owens Lake was sucked dry by Los Angeles in its endless thirst for water.  Now Los Angeles wants the water of the beautiful Sacramento Delta. 

BULLSHIT  -  Jerry Brown claims that taking more water out of the Sacramento Delta will make the Delta better
  • You can smell the BS five counties away.

Rule #1  -  Politicians are liars.

This week Jerry Brown, the Dear Leader of the People's Republic of California, ignored the fact that the state is bankrupt and said he is pushing forward with a $23-billion proposal intended to vastly increase water deliveries to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California by removing even more water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Brown was in full Bullshit mode when he claimed that taking more water out of the Delta would improve the Delta.  If you believe that I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

As a Conservative Conservationist I say to Comrade Brown, "Screw you."

Here is what the Brown plan really is:  endless billions in construction contracts to business insiders who just happen to give money to the Democrat Party.  It is also a payoff to the labor unions who bankroll Brown.

The plans, which would involve construction of the most ambitious water supply project in California in decades, call for the building of two massive tunnels beneath the delta to transport water south.
Under the proposal, which is a scaled-down version of an earlier design released during Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration, three large intake facilities would be built on the Sacramento River near Hood. They would be capable of diverting 9,000 cubic feet of water a second into two side-by-side underground tunnels that would carry supplies 35 miles to the huge government pumps in the south delta that send water to Central Valley farms and Southland cities.

Burt Wilson, of Sacramento, who worked to oppose the 1982 peripheral canal plan, joined others in a protest against a plan announced by Gov. Jerry Brown and U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, to build a giant twin tunnel system to move water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to farmland and cities.   (stamfordadvocate.com)

The tunnel proposal echoes the peripheral canal project that Brown, in an earlier term as governor, pushed through the Legislature, only to see it killed by voters in 1982. Brown said the new project is based on a much better understanding of the delta ecosystem and the effects of delta pumping. "Here we are 30 years later with a lot more knowledge, a lot more science and better technology," he said.

But environmentalists and delta advocates argue that the only way to save the delta is to take less water from it. "They can't prove [the project] will work for the environment," said Jonas Minton, a former state water official who is now water policy advisor for the Planning and Conservation League. The estuary "needs more fresh water to sustain it, and they continue to deny that," he added.

The proposal to build a peripheral canal around the delta to carry supplies to the pumps sparked a nasty north-south battle 30 years ago.

But political opposition to the tunnel proposal has so far been centered in the delta, which has limited political clout and has aimed its guns at corporate agriculture rather than Southern California — recognition that most of the water diverted from the delta goes to irrigation ditches, not urban faucets.

The commercial salmon industry worries that the big intakes will harm migrating salmon on the Sacramento River. Delta farmers are concerned that a reduction of the river's flows into the delta will hurt their water quality. And they don't want to lose fields to wetlands restoration.

After the morning news conference, a bipartisan group of about 200 farmers, fishermen and lawmakers from the delta region, some holding pitchforks and homemade signs, gathered on the steps of the state Capitol to blast the proposal. "To the governor and the secretary — you launch a war, we'll fight the battle," declared Rep. John Garamendi (D-Walnut Creek).
(Los Angeles Times)

Fishing on the Sacramento River Delta
Sucking the Delta dry to water Orange County golf courses

The Beautiful Sacramento River Delta
The liar politicians cannot be allowed to destroy the Delta and the heritage it represents for all of California just so San Diego can water another golf course.


Perth, Australia Desalination Plant
If Los Angeles needs water then they should build desalination plants like they do all over the world.  Southern California has the entire Pacific Ocean to draw from.

Let Southern California build desalination plants instead of destroying the Delta

If cities from Los Angeles to San Diego want water then they instead of raping the Sacramento Delta they should build desalination plants.

  • SAUDI ARABIA  -  The Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia provides 50% of the municipal water in the Kingdom, operates a number of desalination plants, and has contracted $1892 million to a Japanese-South Korean consortium to build a new facility capable of producing a billion litres a day, opening at the end of 2013. They currently operate approximately 14 plants in the Kingdom; one example at Shoaiba cost $1060 million and produces 450 million litres a day.

  • DUBAI  -  The Jebel Ali desalination plant in Dubai is a dual-purpose facility that uses multi-stage flash distillation and is capable of producing 300e6 cubic metres of water per year.

  • INDIA  -  The largest desalination plant in South Asia is the Minjur Desalination Plant near Chennai in India which produces 36.5 million cubic meters of water per year.

  • ISRAEL  -  The Hadera seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Israel is the largest of its kind in the world.  The project was developed as a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) by a consortium of two Israeli companies: Shikun and Binui and IDE Technologies.


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