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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sex Slavery: $32 billion industry skyrockets in San Diego

Slavery In California
  • Leftist Democrats refuse to enforce immigration laws in a naked attempt at pandering to illegal immigrants and their supporters.  A byproduct of Democrat lawlessness is a booming sex slavery trade. 
  • It appears the right of a woman not to be sold into slavery is not nearly as important as kissing up to illegal aliens.

Now a $32 billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing crimes, human trafficking continues to expand in San Diego County.    
According to the District Attorney’s office, human trafficking cases have increased a whopping 600% in just the last five years. 
"It's the most dehumanizing thing we've ever dealt with," said Donald Stump, Executive Director at North County Lifeline. “Some of the women are tattooed here (pointing to the inside of his lower bottom lip) and with their pimp's names and have bar codes here,” said Stump as he pointed to his arm with sadness reports San Diego 6.
Stump helps oversee North County Lifeline, an organization utilizing outreach, prevention, and rehab to help put an end to the vicious cycle. It's a cycle Autumn Burris knows all too well.

"I had experienced a lot of violence and near death experiences that I had to get away from," Burris said.
Burris said she was a victim of sexual exploitation for years and now works closely with local lawmakers, like Senator Marty Block of District 39. Both are now working to pass tougher laws; Block testified Monday in Sacramento.
"We're finding that gangs choose sex trafficking to be their enterprise of choice when it comes to making money," said Sen. Block.
Stump agrees the gang presence in San Diego, in addition to its close proximity to the border, are both underlying factors in the growth of human trafficking.
Gangs are starting to move into domestic sex trafficking," said Stump.
Crystal Anthony, Case Manager at North County Lifeline, works one on one with victims.
"So many times I’m meeting the girls on a stinger bus stop operation," Anthony explained.
Anthony said while all the victims she meets come from different backgrounds, they all share some alarming traits.
"When somebody comes to them and says ‘I can offer you the world,’ it seems like a lot for someone who never heard I love you from a parent," said Anthony.

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