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"It was a splendid population - for all the slow, sleepy, sluggish-brained sloths stayed at home - you never find that sort of people among pioneers - you cannot build pioneers out of that sort of material. It was that population that gave to California a name for getting up astounding enterprises and rushing them through with a magnificent dash and daring and a recklessness of cost or consequences, which she bears unto this day - and when she projects a new surprise the grave world smiles as usual and says, "Well, that is California all over."

- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Los Angeles is Falling Apart

$9 Billion To Begin to Repair L.A.
  • Buckling sidewalks, crumbling water pipes and street repaving could run Los Angeles upwards of $9 Billion in cash the city does not have.
  • Currently pipes are being replaced at a pace of every 315 years.

Bloomberg News reports that Democrat run Los Angeles is showing its age, and city officials don’t have plans for financing the facelift.

From buckling sidewalks to potholed thoroughfares to storm drains that can’t handle a little rain, the infrastructure that holds the second-largest U.S. city together is suffering from years of deferred maintenance.

Bringing pipes that deliver water to 3.9 million people up to snuff could cost $4 billion -- more than half the city’s annual operating budget. The bill for repaving streets will be almost that much, according to estimates from a city consultant, and patching or replacing cracked sidewalks will require $640 million.

City Council members recently gave up on a proposal to ask voters for a sales-tax increase to finance street and sidewalk repairs, and Mayor Eric Garcetti has ruled out raising water rates anytime soon to upgrade pipelines.

“We’re in trouble,” said Jack Humphreville, the budget advocate for L.A.’s advisory neighborhood councils. His estimate, based on figures provided by the city, is that getting public works into good shape will take $10 billion to $15 billion. “This is no different from debt.”

A 30-foot geyser that spewed some 20 million gallons of water from a ruptured trunk line under Sunset Boulevard on July 29 brought renewed attention to the decay. The council called on the Department of Water and Power to scrutinize pipelines and other parts of the system, but didn’t discuss ways of finding money to fix what might be broken.

“We can’t tax our way out of this,” said Councilman Mitchell Englander. Voters won’t approve adding to the local sales tax -- which at 9 percent is among the nation’s highest -- and would revolt if the price of water went up, he said. As it is, the rate is the seventh-highest in the U.S., according to a survey by the conservation nonprofit Circle of Blue.

The riveted-steel line that burst under Sunset is 90 years old. To replace every line by the time it hits 100 -- as many engineers recommend -- would require a 4 percent boost in water rates every year, according to City Councilman Paul Koretz.

“It’s so much work,” he said. “We have infrastructure in need of replacing at a quicker rate than we have been.”

Many cities and states are in the same rusty boat, having put off investing in bridges, wastewater systems, dams and other public works that need regular maintenance and upgrades. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates the country would have to spend $3.6 trillion to get the nation’s infrastructure in decent working order by 2020.

About 240 miles of L.A.’s pipes are more than a century old, James McDaniel, senior assistant general manager of the Department of Water and Power, told the the City Council’s energy and environment committee on Aug. 6.

The utility replaces only about 18 miles of pipe per year rather than the 34 miles officials called for in 2012. McDaniel said managers want to be able to replace pipes at a rate of every 170 years -- which would be an improvement over the present change-out pace of every 315 years.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

L.A. Democrats - "Pay the voters to vote"

Winner of the Jackass Award
  • L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson wants to pay people to vote who are too lazy and stupid to get to the polls on their own.

The Leftist Democrat loons running Los Angeles claim they are "alarmed" that fewer than one-fourth of voters are showing up for municipal elections, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission voted Thursday to recommend that the City Council look at using cash prizes to lure a greater number of people to the polls.

On a 3-0 vote, the panel said it wanted City Council President Herb Wesson's Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee to seriously consider the use of financial incentives and a random drawing during its elections, possibly as soon as next year.

Depending on the source of city funds, the idea could require a ballot measure. Commissioners said they were unsure how big the prizes should be or how many should be offered, saying a pilot program should first be used to test the concept reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Maybe it's $25,000 maybe it's $50,000," said Commission President Nathan Hochman. "That's where the pilot program comes in -- to figure out what ... number and amount of prizes would actually get people to the voting box."
Only 23% percent of registered voters cast ballots in last year's mayoral election, prompting suggested solutions from an array of civic leaders. On Tuesday, turnout in a special school board election fell below 10%, according to preliminary numbers.

The idea of an election day lottery came up Thursday during an appearance by Wesson before the commission. During that discussion, Hochman suggested that surplus matching funds -- money provided to candidates who agree to certain spending restrictions -- could cover the cost of election day prizes.

That dialogue with Wesson, Hochman said, spurred the commission to act a few hours later.

"When I heard that he really wants to consider this, and was enthused and excited about this out-of-the-box idea, I thought, 'Let’s get an action item before his committee,'" Hochman said.

"Remember to vote early and often."

Friday, August 15, 2014

Brown Signs $7.5 Billion Water Bill - But What If It Does Not Rain?

But what if it does not rain?
  • Nevada is in their fourteenth year of drought.  Call me crazy, but adding couple feet to the top of a few California dams may not cut it if it does not rain.  But as far as I can tell I am the only voice in the state calling for the massive building of desalination plants.

The People's Republic of California, Governor Jerry Brown, agreed to boost water spending plans to $7.5 billion, a compromise 25 percent higher than he had said the state could afford, as drought tightened its grip on cities and farms.

Brown signed the bill he brokered with state lawmakers to place a measure on the November ballot asking voter permission to issue $7.1 billion in new bonds, with $445 million to come from previous debt sales.

“Water is the lifeblood of any civilization and for California it’s the precondition of healthy rivers, valleys, farms and a strong economy,” Brown said in a statement reports Bloomberg News.

Three years of below-normal precipitation have brought extreme drought to 80 percent of California, and wildfires have consumed tens of thousands of acres, according to federal data. Most major reservoirs are at less than half of capacity, state records show. Farmers have idled fields, and urban residents face restrictions on lawn watering and car washing. Many restaurants no longer serve water to patrons unless they request it.

“The need is so great in California,” Senate President Darrell Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat, said before his chamber gave unanimous approval to the water plan late yesterday. “We have to pass this bond in November, otherwise the work here is for naught.”

Drought Monitor

Just say yes to new water
California political hacks sit sucking their thumbs and mumble about "conservation".  Meanwhile  other nations act to create brand new water for business and personal use.
See our article
Solar Powered Desalination Plant

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sex Slavery: $32 billion industry skyrockets in San Diego

Slavery In California
  • Leftist Democrats refuse to enforce immigration laws in a naked attempt at pandering to illegal immigrants and their supporters.  A byproduct of Democrat lawlessness is a booming sex slavery trade. 
  • It appears the right of a woman not to be sold into slavery is not nearly as important as kissing up to illegal aliens.

Now a $32 billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing crimes, human trafficking continues to expand in San Diego County.    
According to the District Attorney’s office, human trafficking cases have increased a whopping 600% in just the last five years. 
"It's the most dehumanizing thing we've ever dealt with," said Donald Stump, Executive Director at North County Lifeline. “Some of the women are tattooed here (pointing to the inside of his lower bottom lip) and with their pimp's names and have bar codes here,” said Stump as he pointed to his arm with sadness reports San Diego 6.
Stump helps oversee North County Lifeline, an organization utilizing outreach, prevention, and rehab to help put an end to the vicious cycle. It's a cycle Autumn Burris knows all too well.

"I had experienced a lot of violence and near death experiences that I had to get away from," Burris said.
Burris said she was a victim of sexual exploitation for years and now works closely with local lawmakers, like Senator Marty Block of District 39. Both are now working to pass tougher laws; Block testified Monday in Sacramento.
"We're finding that gangs choose sex trafficking to be their enterprise of choice when it comes to making money," said Sen. Block.
Stump agrees the gang presence in San Diego, in addition to its close proximity to the border, are both underlying factors in the growth of human trafficking.
Gangs are starting to move into domestic sex trafficking," said Stump.
Crystal Anthony, Case Manager at North County Lifeline, works one on one with victims.
"So many times I’m meeting the girls on a stinger bus stop operation," Anthony explained.
Anthony said while all the victims she meets come from different backgrounds, they all share some alarming traits.
"When somebody comes to them and says ‘I can offer you the world,’ it seems like a lot for someone who never heard I love you from a parent," said Anthony.

See William Wilberforce

Monday, August 11, 2014

California legislators have raised $56 million from corrupt special interest groups

Welcome to Rule by Oligarchy
  • Because of the insanely large legislative districts in the People's Republic, only millionaires or candidates willing to be purchased by special interest groups have any chance to win an election.

Members of the California Legislature pulled in more than $56 million in campaign cash from January 2013 through June, state data shows.

The Legislature’s majority Democrats have raised about $43 million so far during the current two-year session. Republican lawmakers, meanwhile, have collected about $13 million, according to state data updated late last week to reflect campaign-finance reports covering the first six months of the year.

The average contribution was about $1,200. The biggest chunk of money, almost $17 million, came from Sacramento-based donors – including $11 million from business groups, labor unions and other interests in the Capitol-centric 95814 ZIP code reports the Sacramento Bee.

Lawmakers’ most successful fundraising month was June 2013, when their campaign committees collectively raised more than $5.6 million. The money-raising runner-up was October 2013, when lawmakers collected almost $5 million, the data shows.

Among Democratic lawmakers, campaign committees of former Assembly Speaker John A. PĂ©rez, D-Los Angeles, collected the most during the past 18 months, about $3.4 million in itemized contributions.  Among Republicans, campaign committees of state Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford, who won an expensive special election a year ago and faces another tough race this year, received $1.4 million through June, according to the data.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/08/05/6607617/california-legislators-have-raised.html#storylink=cpy

The Way Elections Should Be
The West Virginia House of Delegates legislative districts have a population of only 18,000 people.  An average citizen in West Virginia can easily afford to run for and win public office.  In addition, legislators are paid only $20,000 per year.  The legislature meets for 60 days, adjourns and its members need to go home and work for a living like a normal citizen.
Meanwhile in the People's Republic of California, the State Assembly seats are pushing 500,000 each in population and legislators live full time as wealthy Lords in Sacramento.  In California only those candidates anointed and funded by the Elites will win office in our oligarchy. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dems want FREE diapers for welfare recipients

Free Shit For Everyone
  • Leftist Loon Democrats just can't help themselves.  Now they want the People's Republic of California to be the first state to give free diapers to people on welfare.

Along with alcohol, cigarettes and pet food, low-income parents are banned from using food stamps to buy diapers, leaving many families struggling to pay the estimated $100 a month it costs for the basic necessity.

Democrat California Assemblywoman and single mother Lorena Gonzalez wants to change that thanks to some inspiration from rapper Eminem.

“Cause man, these food stamps don’t buy diapers,” he raps in a song.

There’s truth in that statement, inspiring the Democrat from San Diego to create a bill that would give qualifying families in the CalWork’s welfare program $80 a month to spend on diapers for children under age 2.

No U.S. welfare program currently covers the cost of diapers.

“We know the number one barrier to moms going back to the workforce is childcare,” Gonzalez said. “If you don’t have an adequate supply of diapers and can’t take your child to child care there’s no way you can get a job.”

Principal consultant Jolie Onodera told the Sacramento Bee the bill would impact more than 120,000 children in the state if it were to pass.

But Republicans are knocking the bill down, stressing the $100 million annual cost to taxpayers for a short-term solution.

“Instead of expanding our welfare system and keeping millions dependent upon government, we should implement business-friendly policies enabling those out of work to obtain a job and provide for their families,” Republican Assemblywoman Shannon Grove from Bakersfield said in an email statement to the Bee.

“They shouldn’t keep having babies if they can’t afford diapers,” said Tara Riley, who supports the bill — just not the decision to have more children if you can’t afford it.

(CBS News)

Sucking on the Public Teat beats working for a living.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Goofball Democrat Brownley Uses German Luftwaffe Uniform in Mailer to Constituents

A "veteran" wearing a hat bearing a German Lutwaffe insignia.

"Corruptus in Extremis"
  • Congresswoman makes an inappropriate use of foreign or fake US military personnel in taxpayer-funded, government mailer to voters.
  • Said her GOP opponent Jeff Gorell, "This mail piece was sent at taxpayer expense, adding to the $308,196 Julia has spent on House mail as of March 31, 2014." "Julia should apologize for using a photo of a foreign or fake military officer. She should also apologize for using taxpayer funds to send out such wasteful, useless mailers."
  • It is corrupt in the extreme for taxpayers to pay for mass campaign style Congressional mailers during election years.

Several concerned local veterans have reportedly pointed out that Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) of the 26th congressional district sent a political mailer to her constituents in July that featured a stock photo of a "veteran" wearing a hat bearing a German Lutwaffe insignia, according to the Daily Caller.

"The photograph is likely a purchased stock photo of a model in a costume contrived from various emblems to look like an official naval uniform. However it is clearly not an American Navy uniform, or that of any U.S. military branch," said Brownley's opponent, Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) in a press release on Monday reports Breitbart News.

GOP Assemblyman Jeff Gorell
Jeff knows what an American
uniform looks like.
The "faux pas" mailer Brownley had sent out, allegedly "using taxpayer funds," features her face, beneath which is written "reaching across the aisle." Above and below her image are several pictures, including a young family, a little girl on her way to school, a mature couple, and a woman wearing what appears to be a white naval uniform.

Brownley reportedly sent the mailer out under congressional "franking" privileges, which "allow sitting lawmakers to mass mail certain types of flyers and other information to their constituents without paying postage," the Caller notes.

In his press release, Gorell, who is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, says: "This gaffe is disrespectful to those who have worn the uniform of the United States." He continues that "the misrepresentation and use of an image depicting a foreign or fake military service member is indicative of a fundamental lack of understanding of veterans and the military by Brownley, her staff, and her political advisors."

The Daily Caller points out that Brownley serves on the House Committee for Veteran Affairs and is a ranking member on the House's Subcommittee on Health, which oversees the VA. Brownley's district (the 26th congressional district) includes Naval Base Ventura County, which supports 19,000 naval personnel.

California's 26th congressional district has been cited as "leaning Democrat," according to Real Clear Politics, but is considered one of the GOP's top pickup prospects. It includes Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village.

Thanks to the Libertarian Republican.

Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (right), R-Camarillo, and his wife Laura.

The district is north of Los Angeles taking in Ventura County.  The seats is 40% Democrat, 35% Republicans and 25% independent and smaller political parties.

A Top Swing District
The 26th district was represented by Republicans for decades until the 2012 Obama landslide in California when a carpetbagging Democrat moved into the area and narrowly won the seat.
California's 26th congressional district election, 2012
Primary election
RepublicanTony Strickland49,04344.1%
DemocraticJulia Brownley29,89226.9%
No party preferenceLinda Parks20,30118.3%
DemocraticJess Herrera7,2446.5%
DemocraticDavid Cruz Thayne2,8092.5%
DemocraticAlex Maxwell Goldberg1,8801.7%
General election
DemocraticJulia Brownley139,07252.7%
RepublicanTony Strickland124,86347.3%
Democratic gain from Republican


Monday, August 4, 2014

Fresno leaders criticize hiring of white teacher

Screenshot - Fresno Bee

Now We Have Black Racism
Black "leaders" attack the Fresno School District
for daring to hire a white man as a teacher. 

With just weeks before the new Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School opens in southwest Fresno, community and church leaders are calling on Fresno Unified School District to reconsider its hiring of a white teacher to instruct African-American, Latino and Southeast Asian studies there.

At an early morning news conference Monday, a small group of concerned citizens led by Rev. Karen Crozier met in front of the school on Church Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

People at the gathering said the new school, which is the first southwest Fresno middle school in decades, needs teachers who reflect the ethnic and racial background of its students reports the Fresno Bee.

Crozier and others were dismayed to learn the person hired to teach the school's three cultural studies classes is white. District officials initially considered hiring a teacher of color, she said, but ultimately hired Peter Beck, a former teacher at Hoover High School.

"We're just saying what the community wants. We didn't fight for a white male or female teacher to educate our babies," Crozier said. "We still are at these racial fault lines, and we want someone who will be able to think critically about those racial fault lines and how do we help heal, to restore the problems that have existed."

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/07/28/4044162/southwest-fresno-leaders-criticize.html#storylink=cpy

District spokeswoman Micheline Golden did not confirm any details about who the district interviewed for the position.

But she said Beck was the best pick for the job and one of only four teachers in Fresno Unified with experience teaching the three cultural studies classes he'll be responsible for at Gaston.

He has a decade of experience teaching Latino Studies courses and two years of experience teaching African-American courses, Golden said.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/07/28/4044162/southwest-fresno-leaders-criticize.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bankrupt San Bernardino eyes marijuana for revenue

Taxing Pot as a Legal Business
Taking the "crime" out of business and cutting
the power of the drug cartels.

The bankrupt California city of San Bernardino has a new idea for raising revenue – legalize medical marijuana, and tax the pot.

Ironically, the plan was spurred by concerns about not having enough resources to crack down on the illegal medical marijuana dealers springing up all over town.

So the city is now looking at legalizing the sellers, and using the proceeds to enforce the regulations.

It’s not quite “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” but like many municipalities in California today, San Bernardino is recognizing that it could be bringing millions of dollars into its foundering coffers each year if it opened its doors to regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. And it would be able to have a say in who operates these places, as well as how and where reports Fox News.

“This is a no-brainer,” said Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project in California. “More and more people are realizing that you’d really have to be in the Stone Age to oppose this.”

But San Bernardino is not exactly there, yet. According to City Attorney Gary Saenz, a legislative review panel has been formed by the City Council to study the idea. This panel is collecting data, talking to the city police department and examining laws in other jurisdictions before bringing a proposal to the full committee. It plans on holding at least two more public meetings on the subject through August.

“We are in the exploratory phase,” Saenz told FoxNews.com, insisting that “my primary objective is to close down the seedy shops.”

Police have reported as many as 20 illegal storefronts in town at any given time, he said. Legalizing and regulating this now-unwieldy industry, he feels, is one of the tools available to the city to start taking control.

“We have in this city a proliferation – and a lot of cities in California are experiencing it – of illegal medical marijuana dispensaries. These people are defiant and they are opening up these things right and left.

“We are a city of limited resources,” he added, noting to shut a business down requires civil enforcement, including protracted legal proceedings, and often the police. Even when they do go after the violators aggressively, often they pop up elsewhere and another comes to town in its place.

“We can’t close them down to the satisfaction of our citizens,” said Saenz, so “this city attorney’s office is presenting our council with options. And the idea is essentially, primarily, to close down illegal shops” and using the new money from the legal ones to do it.

City Council member James Mulvihill said he was on board with the idea early on after hearing it cost the city $10,000 every time it went after an illegal dealer. He, as well as the mayor’s chief of staff, Michael McKinney, say any funds gleaned from the regulation and tax of marijuana dispensaries would be used exclusively for enforcement.

He said he is supporting a plan to permit less than a half a dozen dispensaries. He said they could charge upward of $60,000 a year in fees, plus something in the order of 10 percent a year in taxes, much like nearby Palm Springs, which he says regulates in order to pay for enforcement too.

The Real Breaking Bad:
  • How the Drug War Creates Collateral Damage. 
  • Californians 88-year-old Bob Wallace, and his 85-year-old girlfriend, Marjorie Ottenberg were put out of business by the Big Brother Government Drug War.

End the endless and insane drug war.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

California wants to take in more illegal aliens

Democrats Reward Criminals
  • Marxist Democrat Jerry Brown wants to import even more illegal aliens into the People's Republic.
  • Democrats want to reward these law breakers with free homes, free medical care, free food, free education and free lawyers at the expense of American citizens of all ethnic backgrounds.

People's Republic of California Governor Jerry Brown said Tuesday his state is willing to shelter more illegal alien children from Central America.

"I would do everything I could to make sure California will do its part to shelter any young children that are in need of protection," Brown said after meeting with more than a dozen Central American religious leaders and Los Angeles Catholic Archbishop Jose Horacio Gomez in Mexico to discuss the surge of unaccompanied Central American youth and families illegally crossing into the United States reports the Sacramento Bee.

"I would support additional shelters to deal with this particular immediate challenge we have," Brown added.

A Naval Base in California's Ventura County known as "Building 267" is one of three shelters set up by federal government officials to house hundreds of Central American children. There are also shelters in Texas and Oklahoma.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/28/6588996/california-governor-sets-more.html#storylink=cpy

The governor said the surge of children migrants can't be considered a military issue and that the United States could better spent its money by investing in development programs in Central America.

"The United States government is spending $20 billion on the border, and a fraction of that invested in other problems in Central America might create a lot more security," he said.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/28/6588996/california-governor-sets-more.html#storylink=cpy

Democrats Screw African Americans
Insane liberal Democrats bow down and worship illegal aliens and hand over American jobs to the citizens of foreign nations.  Democrats are telling unemployed American citizens of African, Hispanic, Asian or European heritage to go fuck themselves.
Meanwhile the GOP falls all over themselves to import millions for "legal" immigrants for their Masters in business who want to flood the job market and lower wages.
No one is standing up for the American worker.