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"It was a splendid population - for all the slow, sleepy, sluggish-brained sloths stayed at home - you never find that sort of people among pioneers - you cannot build pioneers out of that sort of material. It was that population that gave to California a name for getting up astounding enterprises and rushing them through with a magnificent dash and daring and a recklessness of cost or consequences, which she bears unto this day - and when she projects a new surprise the grave world smiles as usual and says, "Well, that is California all over."

- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ricky Gill for Congress

Indian-American GOP candidate Ricky Gill.

A Hot Swing Seat  -  An up and coming Republican vs a Democrat Carpetbagger who just moved into the district
  • One of four targeted seats in California.
  • The Democrat has never lived in the district he wants to represent.

There will be a showdown in the Stockton centered 9th Congressional District seat between incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney and Republican Ricky Gill, a 25-year-old political newcomer, this November.

In the primary McNerney led with 35,088 votes, or 48.4 percent. Gill had 28,652 votes, or 39.5 percent. John McDonald, also a Republican, came in third with 8,792 votes, or 12.1 percent.
McNerney, 60, is running on his record during his third two-year term in Congress. He touted being a moderate Democrat despite Republican leaders saying he is a tax-and-spend liberal.

McNerney has also had a high profile in issues like veterans’ affairs, maintaining the Delta and strongly opposing the proposed Peripheral Canal that would transport Northern California water to Southern California and southern San Joaquin Valley.

He carpetbagged and moved into the district from Pleasanton to Stockton on May 1, since the new 9th Congressional District is centered in San Joaquin County.

Ricky Gill -- "New Direction"

Gill, who turned 25 in May, based his campaign on being born and raised in Lodi and being better aware of San Joaquin County issues that his two opponents.

Gill also called criticized McNerney for being out of touch with San Joaquin County residents due to his East Bay roots, and said McNerney is not a moderate Democrat as he claims.

The California Farm Bureau Federation has endorsed Ricky Gill, a family farmer, running against Carpetbagger Congressman Jerry McNerney.

Gill a San Joaquin Native

Ricky Gill is a native of San Joaquin County, born and raised in Lodi, California. The son of immigrant parents, Ricky is a small business owner, a family farmer, and a former member of the California State Board of Education whose story speaks to the power of the American dream.

Ricky is the only candidate with local roots in the 9th Congressional District. A Lodi native and graduate of Tokay High School, Ricky has a long record of service to the communities of this district. As a high school student, he volunteered at St. Mary's Interfaith Community Services for the Homeless in Stockton, where he helped provide medical care for the indigent, and at Lodi Memorial Hospital.
He was appointed by the Mayor of Lodi to co-chair the Greater Lodi Area Youth Commission, where he was charged with developing career opportunities for local youth. In 2006, he championed the property rights of local farmers in a Lodi News-Sentinel op-ed article. Ricky now serves as a member of the Lodi Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors.
(Lodi News)

Donate to Ricky Gill for Congress.

California's 9th Congressional District.
The district is centered in the Central Valley city of Stockton and includes Antioch, Brentwood and Lodi. 
The district is 45% Democrat, 35% Republican and 20% Independents and 3rd Party members.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Government says it is now OK to bake bread

Big Government says he is now free to bake bread.
Mark Stambler shows a couple of loaves of bread he baked in his backyard wood-burning oven. He had been selling about 50 loaves a week until the Los Angeles County Health Department ordered him to stop. (Los Angeles Times)

A Win for Freedom - Left-wing California now allows home based food businesses

  • These new companies will create that "evil" capitalist thing called profit, along with wealth and even pay taxes into the Treasury.
  • Freedom - what a concept!

This article was originally published on my Blog The Federalist.

For reasons unknown the Leftist-Socialist legislature of the People's Republic of California has made it legal to start a small food business at home and to sell homemade muffins, cakes and pies at local stores and restaurants and directly to consumers.

Slammed by the economy, many households are looking to earn a bit of money on the side with home-cooked confections — without the huge upfront costs in leasing certified commercial kitchens and complying with myriad business rules.

The Los Angeles Times reports Comrade Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill which would permit home bakers to sell as much as $50,000 worth of goods a year, as long as they don't contain cream or meat products. So far, more than 30 other states have similar laws.

The bill was inspired last year when the Los Angeles County Health Department ordered Mark Stambler to stop selling as many as 50 loaves of bread he baked each week in his backyard oven in Los Feliz. Stambler, 59, had hoped to grow his baking into a full-time business, but the Health Department closed him down.

Under the old Socialist state law, it was a misdemeanor for small-scale home cooks and bakers — often mothers and part-time workers — to make money off their creations, except to benefit charities. After all, making money is evil and capitalist.

Start-up food companies are currently required to work out of certified commercial kitchens, an expensive proposition that bars many from even trying.

"A small food company has no chance. It's impossible to make any money at all," one home baker said. She rents two kitchens to make organic and gluten-free baked goods and barely recoups her costs.

"I literally work day and night," she said. "Had I been able to just bake at home, it would have made my life so much easier."

Freedom to Jam.
The People's Republic of California now allows you to sell homemade jams, breads, fruit pies, honey and other products for profit of all things. What is stupid is it was illegal to sell these products in the first place.

The California Homemade Food Act now allows "non-potentially hazardous food" such as bread, fruit pies, empanadas, jams, honey and dried nuts to be sold out of houses, apartment complexes and other residences.

Sales of small-batch foods could spawn a lucrative industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, supporters said. Many of the so-called Bakers Bills in other states were passed into law since the economic downturn.

Under the bill, home food producers would still have to obtain permits, label their products as homemade and offer lists of ingredients. Their gross annual sales would be capped next year at $35,000, rising to $50,000 in 2015.

Those selling directly to consumers would have to register with their local health departments and complete food handler courses. Purveyors selling through a retailer would also be subject to health department inspections.
(Los Angeles Times-homemade-food)

Hell must have frozen over.
For some strange reason the Socialist California state legislature thought it was a good idea for people to open home businesses, create wealth and pay taxes into the treasury. Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for freedom in America.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gregg Imus for Congress - Live Free or Die!

Live Free or Die" in California


By Eric Dondero:
Reprinted from The Libertarian Republican.

Gregg Imus is the Republican nominee for Congress in California's 8th CD (High desert, Yucca Valley). From his campaign bio:
Gregg Imus, a mountain resident for 39 years, has most recently served as Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. He has worked the majority of his career as a custom home builder. He is co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. of California and has volunteered more than 2,500 hours on the Mexican border. He and his wife started and ran the “True Love Waits” program in the Lake Arrowhead mountain community that taught hundreds of young teens the value of marriage. He and his wife Pennie have been married for 32 years.
He is endorsed by two libertarian favorites: Rep. Tom McClintock of California and Herman Cain. And he has the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus (rlc.org)


Gregg Imus, Republican, is running in California’s 8th Congressional District.

Imus believes in:

- Less government + Less taxes = Economic recovery
- 2nd Amendment rights
- Securing our Southern border
- Deporting illegal aliens
- Upholding the Constitution as it was written
- Pro-life
- Common Sense
- Fixing the 14th Amendment to allow citizenship only to children of both citizens and legal immigrants.

California's 8th Congressional District.
A huge area it includes Twentynine Palms in the far south to Barstow and high desert communities up to Bridgeport.
The district is 42% Republican, 32% Democrat and 26% Independents and 3rd parties.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scott Peters - ‘Corrupt Democrat of the Week’

Leftist Democrats have targeted GOP Congressman Brian Bilbray of San Diego (above) 
who is running in a redrawn district that could go either way.

Swinging in San Diego  -  Parts of San Diego that were once safe territory for the Republicans have become competitive

Port of San Diego Commissioner Scott Peters receives some unwelcome news this week when the National Republican Congressional Committee named him to their 10 Most Corrupt Democrats list.

Peters is locked in a tight battle with Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., for the newly redrawn 52nd California congressional district.

A July poll leaked by the Peters campaign showed the candidates tied at 40 percent.

Scott Peters:   ‘Corrupt Democrat of the Week’


The NRCC posted a video to accompany Peters initiation to the list, the script of which is below.

From personal favors to cover ups, backroom deals to special trips. These are the 10 most corrupt Dems of 2012.

This week’s Corrupt Democrat: California’s Leftist Scott Peters.

Here’s a man who really knows how to live the good life.
As a San Diego City Councilman, Peters let tax payers help pick up the tab for his Beamer.

Then, when the city faced the threat of water shortages in 2007, Peters urged residents to conserve, calling it quote “easy.”

Peters voted to underfund public pensions, and offer $260 million dollars in bonds while hiding the city’s financial problems from financial investors.

Peters was later called ‘negligent’ by an independent investigation and the scheme nearly bankrupt San Diego.

Tax payers had to fork over more than $600,000 in legal fees for Scott’s defense.

(Washington Examiner)

The newly drawn 52nd Congressional District is targeted by both parties.
Party registration is 33% Democrat, 36% GOP and 31% independents and smaller political parties.  The district reflects a growing trend in the People's Republic of voters rejecting both parties and becoming independent.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Capps vs. Maldonado race is heating up

Two bastard liars in just one photo.
Minnie Me liar former GOP Lt. Governor Able Maldonado and his Puppetmaster GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bad choices for Central Coast Voters!
  • Only two names on the ballot  -  a liar and a Socialist.

Voters who hate Socialist Big Government and tax increases have no real choices in California's Central Coast new 24th Congressional District.

Those who believe in smaller, Constitutional government have the choice of voting for Congresswoman Lois Capps, a Nancy Pelosi Leftist boot-licker, or Republican Abel Maldonado, a proven liar who broke his word and voted for tax increases here in the People's Republic.

Leftist Lois Capps

As much as I think Maldonado is a worthless piece of shit, he comes in ahead of the other worthless piece of shit who would vote to put Nancy Pesosi back as House Speaker.

So what the Hell.  Vote for the bastard Maldonado.  He's better than the Socialist Democrat Obamacare loving bastard.

Former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado went up with his first television spot touting his background as a small business owner.

The ad, titled “America,” will run on both broadcast and cable networks, and the buy totals about $300,000.

“Is this the America we want for our children?” Maldonado asks in a voice over, as images of newspaper headlines about economic woes appear in the background.

“Washington’s filled with politicians offering empty promises, but it’s families back here footing the bills,” he says. “Bank bailouts cost taxpayers billions, while Wall Street executives rake in millions.”

"America"  -  Maldonado for Congress

“Not when I get to Washington,” says Maldonado.
“I’m Abel Maldonado. A job creator who helped build a successful family-owned business, and I approve this message because Washington needs people who know how to run small businesses, not ruin them.”

Maldonado is in a competitive race with incumbent Democratic Rep. Lois Capps, who has held office since 1998. The Rothenberg Political Report gives Capps the edge, rating the race “lean Democratic.”
(Daily Caller)

California's new 24th Congressional District is comprised of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties in their entirety and portions of Ventura County.
A swing district, voter registration is 38% Democrat, 35% Republican and 27% independents and 3rd parties.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

No on Proposition 30 - No New Taxes

Today Comrade Governor Jerry Brown is older and balder,
but he is still the Socialist asshole he was in the 1970s.

What concerned taxpayers and citizens need to know!!!

Listed below are the top 11 contributors that want to raise your taxes.

But wait! That's not the whole story. Just to whet your appetite, how about companies who have donated $100,000 plus to raise your taxes? Industries such as Health Care, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, CA hospitals, insurance, nurses, entertainment companies, telecommunications, financial services, beverage manufacturers and distributors and Indian tribes to name a few.

The $100,000 club includes companies like: Blue Shield, Aera Energy, Occidental Petroleum, America Beverage Corp., Disney, Warner Bros., Viacom, CBS, NBC, Sony, Dignity Health, Anthem Blue Cross, State Farm, California Cable & Telecommunications Assn., Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola and many, many more.

Vote NO on California's Prop 30  -  John and Ken Show 

To view all the companies and individuals that think you should pay higher
taxes Click Here.

The top 11 contributors are:


(Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tax dollars used to campaign for tax increases

A New Socialist Low  -  Using your tax dollars to campaign for tax increases
  • Leftist Democrats in the Cal State system are sending out hundreds of thousands of taxpayer funded letters urging a yes vote on Comrade Brown's Prop. 30 tax increase.
  • Scumbag Leftists will do anything to keep sucking dry those who work for a living.

Hundreds of thousands of applicants to the People's California State University campuses this year will be receiving a campaign letter instead of the typical warm note thanking them for their interest.

The Los Angeles Times reports that potential students will be told they might not be admitted unless tax increases are passed.

The letter also will say no admissions decisions will be made until a few weeks after the election, a departure from the usual policy of notifying applicants beginning in October.

The likely take-away: Vote Yes on Proposition 30 to help boost your prospects.

"Because enrollment capacity is tied to the amount of available state funding, the campuses will be able to admit more applicants if Proposition 30 passes and fewer applicants if the proposition fails," says a draft of a letter to be emailed to applicants at CSU Monterey Bay starting Oct. 1.

Every CSU campus will send out a similar letter, university officials said. Most of the prospective students are also potential voters, but the officials vehemently denied any political undertones in their message.

Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers' Assn., sent a letter to university officials asserting that their plan appeared to run afoul of the law.
(Los Angeles Times)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Berman vs Sherman

No Republican in the Race.
It's Pinko-Commie Congressman Howard Berman (left)
vs. Pinko-Commie Congressman Brad Sherman.

Corruption  -  The GOP joined with Democrats in a corrupt midnight deal to abolish party primaries and reduce voter choices
  • The Republican "moderate" Elite wanted to reduce the power of anti-tax Conservatives in the selection of candidates in the primary.
  • Now in many races around the state there will be no anti-tax Republican at all on the fall ballot.  Voters will have the choice between two Democrat Leftist Socialist Loons.

In the olden days the People's Republic of California used to have free elections.  You could vote for a Republican, a Democrats, a Libertarian, a Green, a Peace and Freedom or an American Independent Party candidate.

No more.  By adopting a "top two" primary the corrupt party bosses from both parties worked to reduce the number of choices voters were allowed to have in November.  Leftist Democrats wanted to get smaller left-wing parties off the November ballot.  The same with Republicans who wanted to get the American Independent Party and the Libertarians off the ballot.

Fucking the voters and democracy was just business as usual for the Elites.

One of the Demo vs Demo races has Leftist Reps. Howard Berman vs Leftist Brad Sherman in the new 30th Congressional District of Los Angeles.

They are fighting for their political survival in a San Fernando Valley congressional district that is about 26% Republican in registration, and by now most of the Democrats (48%) have probably long made up their minds who to vote for. So the latest tactic in the Berman-Sherman showdown is to claim the most Republican support, or at least the biggest names.

Senators Lieberman, Mccain and Graham
endorsed Leftist Loon Congressman Howard Berman.

The GOP Elite could not be bothered to get behind any of the Conservative Republicans in the primary.  Instead the GOP Elite sat out the primary and are now taking sides to elect Socialist Democrats

Leftist loon Howard Berman claimed the endorsements of Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Plus independent Joe Lieberman, who joined the top GOP senators in saying Berman's foreign policy chops are valuable in Congress.
Leftist Brad Sherman countered downplaying those endorsements and offering a list of Republican backers that lacked national star power, but that at least had some locals: Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander, his predecessor Greig Smith, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita and Burbank City Councilman Gary Bric.

Berman's people came back with their own list of local Republicans, including two you could argue live "near" the Valley: Republican County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, whose district includes parts of the Valley, and Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly, who lives over the hill in the Simi Valley area.

The other is Republican Rep. Ed Royce of Orange County, who I doubt has much clout with Valley Republicans.

So when all is said and done the GOP is falling all over themselves to endorse and elect Socialist Democrats in California.

No wonder California is fucked.
(LA Daily News)          (L.A. Observed)

The new 30th Congressional District takes in the mid, west and southern portions of the San Fernando Valley, including the Los Angeles communities of Woodland Hills, Encino, Studio City, Reseda, Granada Hills and Northridge.

Reducing Voter Choices

The corrupt "top two" removes smaller left-wing parties from the November ballot.  In this case the Democrats lost a State Assembly seat to the Green Party.  The last thing Democrats want is for small Left-wing parties to start getting votes.

Reducing voter choices is just fine with the Democrat Elite.

1999 (Special)
List of special elections to the California State Assembly
GreenAudie Bock14,67450.56%
DemocraticElihu M. Harris14,34749.44%
Voter turnout%
Green gain from Democratic


The corrupt "top two" system would have kept the strong Conservative 3rd party campaign of Jim Gilchrist off the ballot.

Reducing voter choices is just fine with the GOP Elite.

California 48th congressional district special election, 2005
RepublicanJohn Campbell41,45044.7%
DemocraticSteve Young25,92628.0%
American IndependentJim Gilchrist23,23725.1%
GreenBea Tiritilli1,2421.3%
LibertarianBruce Cohen8800.9%
Voter turnout%
Republican hold


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No on Proposition 33 - The Great Insurance Scam

Corruption  -  One Insurance Executive has spent $8,000,000 of his own money in order to increase your auto insurance premiums
  • Some 99% of Prop 33's funding comes from George Joseph, chairman of insurer Mercury General Corp.
  • There is no free market in California auto insurance.

An initiative on the California November ballot would allow auto insurers to base their prices in part on a driver's coverage history is pitting an executive at one of the state's largest insurance companies against a consumer advocacy group for the second time in as many years.

Proposition 33 would enable insurance companies to charge higher rates for car drivers who did not maintain continuous coverage.

TRANSLATION  -  Bend over.  We are going to fuck you.

Under Proposition 103, which voters approved in 1988, insurers cannot factor in a motorist's past coverage when setting rates.

In 2010, voters narrowly defeated Proposition 17, a measure similar to Prop. 33 reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The law would allow insurance companies to set rates based partly on a driver's past insurance coverage, meaning they can offer discounts to motorists with continuous coverage and charge higher rates to those lacking such an insurance history.

Supporters of the measure - which has received 99 percent of its funding from George Joseph, chairman of insurer Mercury General Corp.
But opponents, led by Consumer Watchdog in Santa Monica, say the new discounts will have to be offset by higher prices for drivers who, for reasons including long stints of unemployment, have let their insurance lapse. They argue that the proposition would penalize people who can least afford higher rates with a surcharge so great that it could result in more uninsured drivers.

"This isn't about giving consumers a break," said Carmen Balber, Consumer Watchdog's director in Washington, D.C. "It all comes back to who's really behind this. When is the last time an insurance company spent millions of dollars to save you money?"

Exec spends millions

The money is not coming directly from Mercury - Joseph has pitched in more than $8 million of his own money to support Prop. 33, according to an analysis of campaign donations by MapLight, a nonpartisan organization in Berkeley that studies money and politics.
(San Francisco Chronicle)

Yes  -  You Are Screwed.
Because of a corrupt alliance between insurance companies and Big Government politicians there is no free market in auto insurance.  Big Insurance pours millions into the campaigns of the political hacks of both parties. 
The corrupt politicians in turn pass laws forcing you to buy the products being sold by the Insurance Companies who gave the politicians the campaign money in the first place.
In a free market you have the right not to purchase goods and services.  Having that right to say NO puts pressure on businesses to lower prices to attract customers.  Big Government does not force you to buy life insurance, but it does force you to buy auto insurance.  You the consumer have no right to say no to the corrupt government-business alliance, and the cost of auto insurance keeps going up.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mystery money just floating around California

"When I saw the numbers, I said holy crap."
  • The state Parks Department can't figure out why they have millions of dollars in extra money just appearing by magic every year.
  • But Socialist Democrats still demand more and more tax increases. 

Over and again, budget officials at the California Department of Parks and Recreation struggled to understand why every fiscal year ended with millions of dollars in surplus cash on hand.

At least since 2009, budget reviews conducted by the department each January showed a multimillion-dollar surplus, according to hundreds of pages of witness testimony reviewed by The Sacramento Bee.

Budget officials turned over regularly at state parks headquarters amid what one called a "hostile work environment," and each seemed powerless to figure out why the mystery money kept piling up.

The department's beleaguered deputy director of administration, Manuel Thomas Lopez, appeared angry and confused about the surpluses, according to staffers' testimony. One year, he ordered a budget manager demoted, saying he simply didn't believe her estimate of a $25 million surplus – even though she later was proved correct.

"When I saw the numbers, I said holy crap," David Saxby, assistant deputy director under Lopez, said in an April 25 interview with a deputy attorney general. He was referring to a budget estimate in the 2009-10 fiscal year.

"There was another big balance, not as big as the year before, but another big balance." The puzzle of the recurring surpluses goes to the heart of a scandal in which state parks was found in July to have hidden $54 million in two park operating funds. For reasons that remain under investigation, the parks department kept the money secret for years by reporting false balances to the state Department of Finance.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/09/09/4801173/california-state-parks-budget.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/09/09/4801173/california-state-parks-budget.html#storylink=cpy
For even more insanity see the Sacramento Bee article.

Friday, September 7, 2012

GOP pulls ahead (sort of) in San Diego

San Diego  -  America's most beautiful city.

The Republicans regain the advantage in San Diego voter registration 
  • GOP ahead of Democrats by a 100 voters.
  • But the real story is 30.2% of voters rejected both parties and registered as independents and members of smaller political parties.
  • Voters are sick of the pure BS from both major parties and want other choices.
  • Only the countless millions in special interest campaign money keeps the two incompetent major parties in power.

San Diego — long a toss-up county — is once again shaded red, barely.
County Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler released a report Monday showing that, as of Aug. 31, Republicans were edging out Democrats by 100 voters. Of the county’s 1.46 million voters:
  • 34.9%  -  510,792 were Republicans.
  • 34.9%  -  510,692 were Democrats. 
  • 25.1%  -  366,493 were Independents.
  • 5.1%    -  71,447 for the smaller political parties.
Tony Krvaric, chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County, said the new tally demonstrated voters were embracing the GOP’s principles of free enterprise, limited government and a strong national defense. He added that the local party signed up nearly 250 volunteers while its standard-bearers descended on Tampa, Fla. for their national convention.
Democrats hope to see a similar uptick on the heels of their confab this week in Charlotte, N.C.
Party officials have repeatedly acknowledged that while the county may seesaw back and forth, it will lean Democratic over the long haul. In the city of San Diego, Democrats continued to hold a commanding lead in registered voters: 40 percent (251,118) to 28 percent (176,247).  Independent voters are at 27.2% (170,828).

(San Diego Union-Tribune)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Angel of Death is released in California

A Jerry Brown appointed judge releases the Angel of Death
  • The "Angel" slaughtered four people in Santa Barbara.
  • But insane liberals think he was only misguided and can now be released on a helpless public.

MORON  ALERT  -  An idiot Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge ordered the release from a state hospital of a former UC Santa Barbara student who killed four pedestrians and severely injured a fifth when he plowed his car into an Isla Vista crowd in 2001.

Three months after David Attias asked to be freed from Patton State Hospital, Judge Thomas Adams agreed that he no longer posed a threat to society. He had been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Judge Adams agreed that Attias can be released into an unlocked community facility.

Moron Alert
Judge Thomas Adams released
The Angel of Death.
February 23, 2001 was no different until 18-year-old David Attias hit the gas of his 1991 Saab and plowed into five pedestrians, killing four. Witnesses said he yelled "I am the Angel of Death" and tried to stop onlookers from giving aid to the injured.

His attorney, Deedrea Edgar of the Santa Barbara County public defender's office, said Tuesday that it was unclear in which state-run facility he would reside.

 "My goal in fighting against the release of David Attias into the community was to protect our community from a seriously mentally ill dangerous young man who has a demonstrated long history of: previous violence, drug abuse, non-compliance with taking psychiatric medications and non-compliance with psychotherapy," Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Paula Waldman wrote in a statement.

"I believe it's not a matter of if he will ever become violent again but simply when and that is a chance that the public should not have to tolerate. While I am disappointed with the ruling, I respect Judge Adams and I know that he took this case very seriously and listened carefully to all of the evidence," she wrote.

He has not sought and does not intend to seek reinstatement of his driver's license.

Abby Pollak, the mother of Elie Israel, one of the pedestrians who was killed, said she was "profoundly disappointed" with the ruling.

Earlier this summer Attias took part in a six day special hearing to determine if he could be released from Patton State. 
"Are you mentally ill?" asked Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Paula Waldman.

"Yes, I am," responded Attias.

"Do you agree your mental illness is severe?" Waldman asked.

"Yes, I do," said Attias, who later added that he's ready to move out of the locked Patton State hospital and into the community with supervision, reported KCOY.
(KPCC Radio)

Monday, September 3, 2012

George Plescia - GOP Tax Traitor

GOP Bullshit Artist George Plescia
The former GOP Assemblyman refuses
to sign a no new taxes pledge.

Planning ahead today in order to fuck you over tomorrow.

Bend over.  He is coming for your wallet.

Republicans Refuse to Sign the No New Taxes Pledge
  • The refusal of Republicans George Plescia of La Jolla, Bill Berryhill of Stockton and Todd Zink of Westlake Village to sign a no-tax pledge puts the GOP in the uncomfortable position of campaigning against a Democratic supermajority while candidates from their own ranks won’t make the commitment not to hike taxes.
  • Plescia said he believes Republicans should have worked with Brown last year to agree to put his tax initiative on the ballot.
  • Just recently GOP Assembly Caucus leader Assemblyman Brian Nestande voted to increase sales taxes.

The eternal question:  "Does the Republican Party actually believe in anything?"

Republican officials in the People's Republic of California have screwed over the taxpayers again and again by "growing" in their thinking and voting with Democrats in the Marxist re-distribute the wealth to fund Big Government programs.

Now we have State Senate candidate George Plescia of La Jolla.  He is one of a handful of Republicans this year who have "grown" in their thinking and said no thank you to no-tax pledges.
Plescia, campaigning for a district that runs along the coast from San Diego to Solana Beach and out to Poway and Escondido, said he doesn’t believe elected officials should be beholden to promises he and so many of his GOP colleagues have made in the past reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.
“I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me the right thing to do. My pledge is to my constituents,” said Plescia, who previously signed a no-tax pledge. “There are some serious fiscal problems that deserve serious people to address them. I don’t think that has been happening over the last several years.

TRANSLATION:  I won't sign because I want to cut a deal with Socialist Democrats later to advance my hack political career.

Plescia is part of a small but growing faction of Republicans nationwide refusing to sign their names on a no-tax vow. The most familiar pledge is distributed and counted by Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, who has gone after Republicans who decline.
Refusal to take the oath contrasts with what has become the status quo: Nationwide, 1,244 state legislators have signed the pledge, including all of California’s Republican assembly members and all but two GOP state senators, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

The new 39th district voter registration is 38 percent Democratic, 31 percent Republican and 26 percent independent — nonaligned voters both candidates have targeted.
(San Diego Union-Tribune)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More taxes, insanity and corruption in California

The insane members of the legislature of the People's Republic of California have passed a mountain of new bills that mostly screw over the taxpayers and average citizen.

A Sale Tax Increase
  • New taxes pass with the defection of a tax increasing whore, Assembly Republican Caucus Chairman Brian Nestande.

Bill #1  -  A bill that would impose a tax on lumber sales squeaked out of the Legislature during the last hours of the session and is on its way to Comrade Governor Jerry Brown.
AB1492 would impose a 1 percent sales tax increase on lumber products. The California timber industry supported the bill because it shifted the tax from them to the general public reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Fox Business Anchor John Stossel reports on the significant fiscal impact of public employee unions on state and local governments. He interviews Steven Greenhut, author of "PLUNDER!: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation" 

Pensions  -  Kicking the can down the road
  • Phony accounting means there was no real reform in Brown's last second pension bill.
  • Last minute "reform" bill gave lawmakers only hours to study it.
  • Tens of billions in state employee pensions are still unfunded.

Bill #2  -  A public pension reform proposal favored by Gov. Jerry Brown would save struggling state and local governments between $40 billion and $60 billion over 30 years, according to a hasty analysis by CalPERS.

The pension fund's top actuary, Alan Milligan, revealed the numbers during a special Board of Administration meeting on Wednesday.

"We've had limited time in which to review the provisions," Milligan said, "so this estimate will change as we continue to delve into the language of the bill."
California's state and local pension systems figure their long-term pension obligations are $135.8 billion more than their assets, although critics claim that estimate is far too low.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/08/30/4770490/pension-changes-would-cover-less.html#storylink=cpy

Lawmakers didn't issue the measure's 38 pages until Tuesday evening. California Public Employees' Retirement System staff worked through the night to analyze it in time for Wednesday afternoon's special meeting.

Fund staff concluded the savings won't be realized for several years at best.  (Sacramento Bee)

Firefighter's Pensions Burn California Taxpayers

Corrupt Indian Casino Bill
  • Brown signs new Indian Casino bill after stuffing his pockets with millions in corrupt campaign Indian Casino campaign cash.
  • Americans of Black, Asian, Hispanic and European heritage are not allowed to open casinos.  Only the Indian tribes are allowed in this business . . . after paying off the legislature naturally.

Bill #3  -  The corrupt Comrade Governor Jerry Brown will let two Indian tribes in remote parts of California build casinos along freeways many miles from their land, setting the stage for what critics say could become an explosion in off-reservation gambling.

Brown's decision allows the Enterprise Rancheria near Marysville and the North Fork Rancheria near Fresno to move ahead with plans to have the federal government take land into trust on which the tribes will build casinos, each with 2,000 slot machines.  (Sacramento Bee)

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