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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Angel of Death is released in California

A Jerry Brown appointed judge releases the Angel of Death
  • The "Angel" slaughtered four people in Santa Barbara.
  • But insane liberals think he was only misguided and can now be released on a helpless public.

MORON  ALERT  -  An idiot Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge ordered the release from a state hospital of a former UC Santa Barbara student who killed four pedestrians and severely injured a fifth when he plowed his car into an Isla Vista crowd in 2001.

Three months after David Attias asked to be freed from Patton State Hospital, Judge Thomas Adams agreed that he no longer posed a threat to society. He had been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Judge Adams agreed that Attias can be released into an unlocked community facility.

Moron Alert
Judge Thomas Adams released
The Angel of Death.
February 23, 2001 was no different until 18-year-old David Attias hit the gas of his 1991 Saab and plowed into five pedestrians, killing four. Witnesses said he yelled "I am the Angel of Death" and tried to stop onlookers from giving aid to the injured.

His attorney, Deedrea Edgar of the Santa Barbara County public defender's office, said Tuesday that it was unclear in which state-run facility he would reside.

 "My goal in fighting against the release of David Attias into the community was to protect our community from a seriously mentally ill dangerous young man who has a demonstrated long history of: previous violence, drug abuse, non-compliance with taking psychiatric medications and non-compliance with psychotherapy," Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Paula Waldman wrote in a statement.

"I believe it's not a matter of if he will ever become violent again but simply when and that is a chance that the public should not have to tolerate. While I am disappointed with the ruling, I respect Judge Adams and I know that he took this case very seriously and listened carefully to all of the evidence," she wrote.

He has not sought and does not intend to seek reinstatement of his driver's license.

Abby Pollak, the mother of Elie Israel, one of the pedestrians who was killed, said she was "profoundly disappointed" with the ruling.

Earlier this summer Attias took part in a six day special hearing to determine if he could be released from Patton State. 
"Are you mentally ill?" asked Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Paula Waldman.

"Yes, I am," responded Attias.

"Do you agree your mental illness is severe?" Waldman asked.

"Yes, I do," said Attias, who later added that he's ready to move out of the locked Patton State hospital and into the community with supervision, reported KCOY.
(KPCC Radio)

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