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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No on Proposition 33 - The Great Insurance Scam

Corruption  -  One Insurance Executive has spent $8,000,000 of his own money in order to increase your auto insurance premiums
  • Some 99% of Prop 33's funding comes from George Joseph, chairman of insurer Mercury General Corp.
  • There is no free market in California auto insurance.

An initiative on the California November ballot would allow auto insurers to base their prices in part on a driver's coverage history is pitting an executive at one of the state's largest insurance companies against a consumer advocacy group for the second time in as many years.

Proposition 33 would enable insurance companies to charge higher rates for car drivers who did not maintain continuous coverage.

TRANSLATION  -  Bend over.  We are going to fuck you.

Under Proposition 103, which voters approved in 1988, insurers cannot factor in a motorist's past coverage when setting rates.

In 2010, voters narrowly defeated Proposition 17, a measure similar to Prop. 33 reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The law would allow insurance companies to set rates based partly on a driver's past insurance coverage, meaning they can offer discounts to motorists with continuous coverage and charge higher rates to those lacking such an insurance history.

Supporters of the measure - which has received 99 percent of its funding from George Joseph, chairman of insurer Mercury General Corp.
But opponents, led by Consumer Watchdog in Santa Monica, say the new discounts will have to be offset by higher prices for drivers who, for reasons including long stints of unemployment, have let their insurance lapse. They argue that the proposition would penalize people who can least afford higher rates with a surcharge so great that it could result in more uninsured drivers.

"This isn't about giving consumers a break," said Carmen Balber, Consumer Watchdog's director in Washington, D.C. "It all comes back to who's really behind this. When is the last time an insurance company spent millions of dollars to save you money?"

Exec spends millions

The money is not coming directly from Mercury - Joseph has pitched in more than $8 million of his own money to support Prop. 33, according to an analysis of campaign donations by MapLight, a nonpartisan organization in Berkeley that studies money and politics.
(San Francisco Chronicle)

Yes  -  You Are Screwed.
Because of a corrupt alliance between insurance companies and Big Government politicians there is no free market in auto insurance.  Big Insurance pours millions into the campaigns of the political hacks of both parties. 
The corrupt politicians in turn pass laws forcing you to buy the products being sold by the Insurance Companies who gave the politicians the campaign money in the first place.
In a free market you have the right not to purchase goods and services.  Having that right to say NO puts pressure on businesses to lower prices to attract customers.  Big Government does not force you to buy life insurance, but it does force you to buy auto insurance.  You the consumer have no right to say no to the corrupt government-business alliance, and the cost of auto insurance keeps going up.


Anonymous said...

So the driver that didn't show enough responsibility to insure themselves is charged more than the driver that shows maturity and a steady record. Rewarding responsible drivers is not a bad thing.

James from 4autoinsurancequote

Gary said...

Insurance companies can go ahead and give discounts to their clients right now. Prop 33 is all about fucking people over to get even more money out of them.

There is no freedom when government FORCES you to buy insurance (see Obamacare).

People should have the right to drive without insurance or live without life insurance.