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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scott Peters - ‘Corrupt Democrat of the Week’

Leftist Democrats have targeted GOP Congressman Brian Bilbray of San Diego (above) 
who is running in a redrawn district that could go either way.

Swinging in San Diego  -  Parts of San Diego that were once safe territory for the Republicans have become competitive

Port of San Diego Commissioner Scott Peters receives some unwelcome news this week when the National Republican Congressional Committee named him to their 10 Most Corrupt Democrats list.

Peters is locked in a tight battle with Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., for the newly redrawn 52nd California congressional district.

A July poll leaked by the Peters campaign showed the candidates tied at 40 percent.

Scott Peters:   ‘Corrupt Democrat of the Week’


The NRCC posted a video to accompany Peters initiation to the list, the script of which is below.

From personal favors to cover ups, backroom deals to special trips. These are the 10 most corrupt Dems of 2012.

This week’s Corrupt Democrat: California’s Leftist Scott Peters.

Here’s a man who really knows how to live the good life.
As a San Diego City Councilman, Peters let tax payers help pick up the tab for his Beamer.

Then, when the city faced the threat of water shortages in 2007, Peters urged residents to conserve, calling it quote “easy.”

Peters voted to underfund public pensions, and offer $260 million dollars in bonds while hiding the city’s financial problems from financial investors.

Peters was later called ‘negligent’ by an independent investigation and the scheme nearly bankrupt San Diego.

Tax payers had to fork over more than $600,000 in legal fees for Scott’s defense.

(Washington Examiner)

The newly drawn 52nd Congressional District is targeted by both parties.
Party registration is 33% Democrat, 36% GOP and 31% independents and smaller political parties.  The district reflects a growing trend in the People's Republic of voters rejecting both parties and becoming independent.

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