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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Capps vs. Maldonado race is heating up

Two bastard liars in just one photo.
Minnie Me liar former GOP Lt. Governor Able Maldonado and his Puppetmaster GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bad choices for Central Coast Voters!
  • Only two names on the ballot  -  a liar and a Socialist.

Voters who hate Socialist Big Government and tax increases have no real choices in California's Central Coast new 24th Congressional District.

Those who believe in smaller, Constitutional government have the choice of voting for Congresswoman Lois Capps, a Nancy Pelosi Leftist boot-licker, or Republican Abel Maldonado, a proven liar who broke his word and voted for tax increases here in the People's Republic.

Leftist Lois Capps

As much as I think Maldonado is a worthless piece of shit, he comes in ahead of the other worthless piece of shit who would vote to put Nancy Pesosi back as House Speaker.

So what the Hell.  Vote for the bastard Maldonado.  He's better than the Socialist Democrat Obamacare loving bastard.

Former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado went up with his first television spot touting his background as a small business owner.

The ad, titled “America,” will run on both broadcast and cable networks, and the buy totals about $300,000.

“Is this the America we want for our children?” Maldonado asks in a voice over, as images of newspaper headlines about economic woes appear in the background.

“Washington’s filled with politicians offering empty promises, but it’s families back here footing the bills,” he says. “Bank bailouts cost taxpayers billions, while Wall Street executives rake in millions.”

"America"  -  Maldonado for Congress

“Not when I get to Washington,” says Maldonado.
“I’m Abel Maldonado. A job creator who helped build a successful family-owned business, and I approve this message because Washington needs people who know how to run small businesses, not ruin them.”

Maldonado is in a competitive race with incumbent Democratic Rep. Lois Capps, who has held office since 1998. The Rothenberg Political Report gives Capps the edge, rating the race “lean Democratic.”
(Daily Caller)

California's new 24th Congressional District is comprised of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties in their entirety and portions of Ventura County.
A swing district, voter registration is 38% Democrat, 35% Republican and 27% independents and 3rd parties.  

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