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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Berman vs Sherman

No Republican in the Race.
It's Pinko-Commie Congressman Howard Berman (left)
vs. Pinko-Commie Congressman Brad Sherman.

Corruption  -  The GOP joined with Democrats in a corrupt midnight deal to abolish party primaries and reduce voter choices
  • The Republican "moderate" Elite wanted to reduce the power of anti-tax Conservatives in the selection of candidates in the primary.
  • Now in many races around the state there will be no anti-tax Republican at all on the fall ballot.  Voters will have the choice between two Democrat Leftist Socialist Loons.

In the olden days the People's Republic of California used to have free elections.  You could vote for a Republican, a Democrats, a Libertarian, a Green, a Peace and Freedom or an American Independent Party candidate.

No more.  By adopting a "top two" primary the corrupt party bosses from both parties worked to reduce the number of choices voters were allowed to have in November.  Leftist Democrats wanted to get smaller left-wing parties off the November ballot.  The same with Republicans who wanted to get the American Independent Party and the Libertarians off the ballot.

Fucking the voters and democracy was just business as usual for the Elites.

One of the Demo vs Demo races has Leftist Reps. Howard Berman vs Leftist Brad Sherman in the new 30th Congressional District of Los Angeles.

They are fighting for their political survival in a San Fernando Valley congressional district that is about 26% Republican in registration, and by now most of the Democrats (48%) have probably long made up their minds who to vote for. So the latest tactic in the Berman-Sherman showdown is to claim the most Republican support, or at least the biggest names.

Senators Lieberman, Mccain and Graham
endorsed Leftist Loon Congressman Howard Berman.

The GOP Elite could not be bothered to get behind any of the Conservative Republicans in the primary.  Instead the GOP Elite sat out the primary and are now taking sides to elect Socialist Democrats

Leftist loon Howard Berman claimed the endorsements of Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Plus independent Joe Lieberman, who joined the top GOP senators in saying Berman's foreign policy chops are valuable in Congress.
Leftist Brad Sherman countered downplaying those endorsements and offering a list of Republican backers that lacked national star power, but that at least had some locals: Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander, his predecessor Greig Smith, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita and Burbank City Councilman Gary Bric.

Berman's people came back with their own list of local Republicans, including two you could argue live "near" the Valley: Republican County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, whose district includes parts of the Valley, and Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly, who lives over the hill in the Simi Valley area.

The other is Republican Rep. Ed Royce of Orange County, who I doubt has much clout with Valley Republicans.

So when all is said and done the GOP is falling all over themselves to endorse and elect Socialist Democrats in California.

No wonder California is fucked.
(LA Daily News)          (L.A. Observed)

The new 30th Congressional District takes in the mid, west and southern portions of the San Fernando Valley, including the Los Angeles communities of Woodland Hills, Encino, Studio City, Reseda, Granada Hills and Northridge.

Reducing Voter Choices

The corrupt "top two" removes smaller left-wing parties from the November ballot.  In this case the Democrats lost a State Assembly seat to the Green Party.  The last thing Democrats want is for small Left-wing parties to start getting votes.

Reducing voter choices is just fine with the Democrat Elite.

1999 (Special)
List of special elections to the California State Assembly
GreenAudie Bock14,67450.56%
DemocraticElihu M. Harris14,34749.44%
Voter turnout%
Green gain from Democratic


The corrupt "top two" system would have kept the strong Conservative 3rd party campaign of Jim Gilchrist off the ballot.

Reducing voter choices is just fine with the GOP Elite.

California 48th congressional district special election, 2005
RepublicanJohn Campbell41,45044.7%
DemocraticSteve Young25,92628.0%
American IndependentJim Gilchrist23,23725.1%
GreenBea Tiritilli1,2421.3%
LibertarianBruce Cohen8800.9%
Voter turnout%
Republican hold


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