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Monday, September 3, 2012

George Plescia - GOP Tax Traitor

GOP Bullshit Artist George Plescia
The former GOP Assemblyman refuses
to sign a no new taxes pledge.

Planning ahead today in order to fuck you over tomorrow.

Bend over.  He is coming for your wallet.

Republicans Refuse to Sign the No New Taxes Pledge
  • The refusal of Republicans George Plescia of La Jolla, Bill Berryhill of Stockton and Todd Zink of Westlake Village to sign a no-tax pledge puts the GOP in the uncomfortable position of campaigning against a Democratic supermajority while candidates from their own ranks won’t make the commitment not to hike taxes.
  • Plescia said he believes Republicans should have worked with Brown last year to agree to put his tax initiative on the ballot.
  • Just recently GOP Assembly Caucus leader Assemblyman Brian Nestande voted to increase sales taxes.

The eternal question:  "Does the Republican Party actually believe in anything?"

Republican officials in the People's Republic of California have screwed over the taxpayers again and again by "growing" in their thinking and voting with Democrats in the Marxist re-distribute the wealth to fund Big Government programs.

Now we have State Senate candidate George Plescia of La Jolla.  He is one of a handful of Republicans this year who have "grown" in their thinking and said no thank you to no-tax pledges.
Plescia, campaigning for a district that runs along the coast from San Diego to Solana Beach and out to Poway and Escondido, said he doesn’t believe elected officials should be beholden to promises he and so many of his GOP colleagues have made in the past reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.
“I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me the right thing to do. My pledge is to my constituents,” said Plescia, who previously signed a no-tax pledge. “There are some serious fiscal problems that deserve serious people to address them. I don’t think that has been happening over the last several years.

TRANSLATION:  I won't sign because I want to cut a deal with Socialist Democrats later to advance my hack political career.

Plescia is part of a small but growing faction of Republicans nationwide refusing to sign their names on a no-tax vow. The most familiar pledge is distributed and counted by Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, who has gone after Republicans who decline.
Refusal to take the oath contrasts with what has become the status quo: Nationwide, 1,244 state legislators have signed the pledge, including all of California’s Republican assembly members and all but two GOP state senators, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

The new 39th district voter registration is 38 percent Democratic, 31 percent Republican and 26 percent independent — nonaligned voters both candidates have targeted.
(San Diego Union-Tribune)

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