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Thursday, January 29, 2015

California to spend millions against e-cigarettes

Follow The Money
  • As a non-smoker I say screw all this crap.  But e-cigarettes are way too new for scientific studies to have been held on their dangers.  
  • So I say follow the money.  The People's Republic spends millions on TV and radio ads for Obamacare, anti-smoking and other programs.  The media machine that controls what passes for news on our TV desperately wants that cold, hard cash.  The fear of the state pulling their ads from a TV station could easily influence what stories make it on the news.   

California plans to launch a statewide campaign warning citizens about the health risks of electronic cigarettes.
The campaign, which will include television and radio advertising, follows a report released on Wednesday by California health officials declaring electronic cigarettes a public health risk. The report urged lawmakers to regulate them like traditional cigarettes.
“We really, really believe strongly people of California need to know what is in e-cigarettes and the harm that they can cause,” said Dr. Ron Chapman, state health officer and director, California Department of Public Health. He added studies show e-cigarettes release a mix of more than 10 toxic chemicals, such as benzene and acetaldehyde, that can cause cancer reports the Wall Street Journal.
California is the biggest state to plan a public-education campaign warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Alaska is the only other state to have one.
Dr. Chapman said the California health department released its report on Wednesday in response to e-cigarettes’ growing profile and what he characterized as misinformation about their safety. The number of stores selling e-cigarettes in California quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, and now exceeds 7,000 retailers, according to the state.
E-cigarette advocates criticized the California report, saying it repeated false claims that would confuse people and discourage smokers from switching to e-cigarettes, which are widely accepted as less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

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Reason magazine takes a look at the recent "anti-E" study:

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