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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

California - Taxes, taxes and more taxes

California: “Highest Gas Tax in the Country”
As you are getting raped at the pump make sure to thank the Democrat Legislature
and GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzengger.

It's too bad California has only one political party:  the Republicrats.  Taxes keep going up no matter which party wins elections.  It does not help that the Dems & Repubs worked together to ban all smaller political parties from all future general election ballots. 

Welcome to Socialism, the Marxist re-distribution of the wealth and fixed "elections."

A 3.5-cent per gallon increase in the gasoline excise tax went into effect this week.

The California State Board of Equalization is required to "adjust" (fuck the public) the excise tax rate by March 1 of each year to ensure revenue neutrality under laws that went into effect in 2010 that lowered the sales and use tax rate of gasoline and increased the excise tax.

Consumers pay only 2.25 percent in state sales taxes on the price of gasoline. For most other consumer goods, the sales tax rate is 7.5 percent. To make up the difference of what is not collected in gasoline sales taxes, the Board is mandated to adjust the excise tax so there is no change in the overall tax burden at the pump than under the prior tax structure. 

While gasoline consumption has been reduced slightly in recent years, increases in gasoline prices in 2011 and 2012 outpaced the declines in consumption.

Gasoline sales tax revenues fund local government programs, while the state excise tax on gasoline funds highway and mass transit projects throughout California.

It’s all going to the general fund, thanks to GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzengger and a Democrat legislature.

To balance the state budget in 2010, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed, pushed for, and eventually signed a law that changed the tax structure for gas taxes with a so-called “fuel swap.”

The new tax structure eliminated the sales tax on fuel and raised the excise tax. The purpose of the change was to eliminate funds that were dedicated towards transportation from the gas tax so that the Governor could balance the state budget with fewer cuts elsewhere and no tax increases.

After years of Governors Schwarzenegger and Gray Davis “declaring a fiscal emergency” to basically rob transit operations funds that were dedicated by voters in 2002 and 2006, the State Supreme Court ruled that there had to be an actual emergency, not just a lack of political will, to declare and emergency. It was at this point, that Schwarzengger devised the “fuel swap” plan.

The program also allowed the state to raise gas taxes so that the amount collected remains static even as the amount of fuel consumed decreases. If this meant a consistent level of funding for transit and road repair projects, the program might be more popular and useful.

But it doesn’t. As George Runner, a member of the state Board of Equalization that approved today’s increase noted when he voted against it, “The goal of the fuel tax swap wasn’t good tax policy. Instead, its sole purpose was to allow the Legislature to move more than a billion dollars in gas tax revenues into the state’s general fund.”

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California - Highest Gas Tax In America
Make sure to thank the tax loving GOP.
See our article:  GOP backs tax increases - Senator Bob Huff lies to Republicans

Sunrise in America
With lower gasoline taxes than California, everyday the sun somehow manages to rise in states like Texas, Ohio, Arizona and Virginia.  Children go to school, firemen put out fires, businesses run, bridges get built.
But in Taxifornia the liar hacks in both parties say there is never enough money.  They keep coming back and take more and more income from an apathetic Sheeple public that keeps reelecting the same bastards. 

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