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Monday, July 29, 2013

Prison hunger strike - Boo-hoo. Who cares?

A Hunger Strike?  Fuck 'em
The rapists, thieves and killers are unhappy in prison. 
Well Boo-Fucking-Hoo.

The People's Republic of California  -  Oh the horror!  The criminals are unhappy behind bars and are doing a hunger strike.

Fuck 'em.  I say order pizza, chicken and salad for all the prisoners who are obeying orders and have them eat it in front of the hunger strikers.

Now a California inmate has died in solitary confinement amid a system-wide hunger strike protesting "living conditions" prison, hand-wringing Leftist activists announced.

Prison officials said Saturday that they are investigating Monday's death at California State Prison, Corcoran as a possible suicide. They are awaiting the Kings County coroner's report before making a final determination on the cause of death.

The coroner didn't return a phone call seeking comment on Saturday.

Inmate supporters and prison officials disagree over whether 32-year-old Bill "Guero" Sell was participating in the strike. Prison officials said he wasn't. Activists supporting the hunger strike from outside prison say otherwise reports the Associated Press.

"It's irresponsible and inflammatory for hunger strike supporters to say this inmate, whose death is being investigated as a suicide, died as a result of the hunger strike," Deborah Hoffman, spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said in a statement. "The inmate was not participating in the hunger strike at the time of his death."

Sell was serving a life sentence for attempted murder. He was awaiting trial for the murder of a cell mate.

The hunger strike is 20 days old. About 1,000 inmates at 11 prisons are still refusing to eat state-issued food after 30,000 inmates refused meals in the first days of the hunger strike.

Ronald Ahnen, one of seven nutcase "mediators," who is attempting to negotiate with state officials on behalf of the murders and rapists said Gov. Jerry Brown and prison administrators are refusing to engage the prisoners.

"They had a chance to negotiate, but have refused to discuss the situation at all," Ahnen said.
"Obviously, the longer the strike continues, the chances increased that something like this was going to happen."

A Quonset Hut Prison
Speaking of prison living conditions.  Instead of building insane billion dollar prisons, how about building dirt cheap fenced and cross fenced quonset hut prisons?  The huts were good enough to house American soldiers as well as German, Italian and Japanese prisoners of war in WWII.

Nothing to Steal.
Oh that's right, with dirt cheap construction there is nothing for corrupt government contractors to steal and thus no reason for them to line the pockets of politicians with campaign cash to get the contracts to build.

Good enough to house American soldiers, but somehow it not
good enough to house rapists and killers.

A quonset hut home in Seward, Alaska.
Good enough for law abiding civilians, but somehow it not
good enough to house rapists and killers.

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