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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Los Angeles County Registration Data

Democrats have huge majority in L.A.

California’s Secretary of State only tallies the number of registered voters once in odd years. In 2013, the tally was as of February 10, and there won’t be another state tally until January 2014.

However, some California county election offices keep a running tally of the number of registered voters in each party. Los Angeles County, which holds 26% of the state population, is one of the counties that provides the data, updated daily.

As of July 7, 2013, the percentage of voters in Los Angeles County in each qualified party is:

  • Democratic 50.95%
  • Republican 21.48%
  • American Independent 2.24%
  • Peace & Freedom .59%
  • Libertarian .53%
  • Green .51%
  • Americans Elect .05%
  • Independents are at 17.84%
  • voters registered in unqualified parties are at 5.80% (this category almost certainly includes people who left this part of the form blank).

The numbers, as of July 7, are: Democratic 2,458,609; Republican 1,036,437; American Independent 108,031; Peace & Freedom 28,560; Libertarian 25,739; Green 24,521; Americans Elect 2,495; independent 860,723; miscellaneous and blank 280,092. The increase for Peace & Freedom during the last five months is probably because the party is working hard to increase its registration. In February it had 24,950 registrants in Los Angeles County.

Editor's note  -  The above data is for entertainment value only. 

Keep in mind that California "elections" are as fixed as any phony election in a third world dictatorship.  The Democrats and GOP worked together to ban all small opposition parties and independents from all future general election ballots.  In virtually every contest the only choices voters are allowed to have is to vote for a Democrat or a Republican.

(Ballot Access News)

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