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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More jobs leave California

Leaving California for Texas.
Gov. Rick Perry, left, and Col. Richard Searfoss, former NASA space shuttle commander and chief test pilot for XCOR Aerospace, look at a prototype of the XCOR Aerospace Lynx suborbital space vehicle that the company plans to develop and test at a new research and development facility at the Midland International Airport in Midland, Texas.

Thank you Democrats  -  More jobs gone to Texas.
  • XCOR Aerospace's move was to take advantage of the business friendly Texas climate, their tort reform and low taxes.

The People's Republic of California is shipping yet more jobs to Texas because of high taxes and regulations.

The Midland Development Corporation and XCOR Aerospace jointly announced the establishment of XCOR’s new Commercial Space Research and Development Center Headquarters.

The company will leave their desert complex in Mojave north of Los Angeles County.

The private rocket engine and spaceflight development company’s new R&D center, which will be located on the flight line at Midland International Airport in Texas, will be created over the next eighteen months in a newly renovated 60,000-square-foot hangar, with the work expected to be complete sometime in the fall of 2013.

XCOR is the designer, manufacturer, and operator of the Lynx – a high performance, winged, fully reusable suborbital space transport vehicle. Lynx is designed to safely fly two people and payloads on half-hour flights to the edge of space, and back, several times per day.

“We are pleased to be establishing our R&D Center in Midland, Texas, where the weather, surrounding landscape, the airport, and the local & state government environment are ideally situated for the future growth and the ultimate realization of a fully reusable orbital system,” said Andrew Nelson, chief operating officer of XCOR Aerospace.

The company envisions a gradual migration of personnel from its Mojave Air & Space Port offices to Midland along with 100 or so new hires, according to Greason and Andrew Nelson, XCOR’s chief operating officer. Mojave remains in the company’s long-term plans as a base for future Lynx commercial operations. The company plans future selections of East Coast and foreign operating bases as well, plus a hardware production site.     (Examiner.com)

Lynx suborbital spaceship.
More high paying jobs leaving the Socialist People's Republic.


Anonymous said...

Midland Texas Statistics
Unemployment rate 4.50%
Income Tax: 0.000%
Median Home Cost: $125,000.00
Voting: Republican 78.230% Democrat 20.970% Independent Other 0.801%
Cost of Living: 86.70
Health: Air Quality 83 Water Quality 50

Property tax is high at $18.73, which is higher than anywhere in California, or Oregon, but I bet if one had a little spread outside of city limits, the rate would be substantially lower.

Source: http://www.bestplaces.net/city/texas/midland

Real Estate Listings: http://realestate.yahoo.com/search/Texas/Midland/homes-for-sale?typeBak=realestate&p=midland+tx&type=classified&search=Search&priceLow=&priceHigh=&bedroomLow=&bathroomLow=#m=b%3D1%26p%3Dmidland%2520tx%26type%3Dclassified%26radius%3D%26lat%3D32.000105%26lon%3D-102.075694%26datelisted%3D%26priceLow%3D0%26priceHigh%3DUnlimited%26bedroomLow%3D%26searchName%3D%26bathroomLow%3D%26sqLow%3D0%26sqHigh%3DUnlimited%26proptype%3Dall%26n%3D30%26view%3Dlist%26sortBy%3Dfeat

Listing prices seem quite a bit higher for comparable homes, than say, Lake Jackson Texas, which is of course home to Ron Paul.

Also, for what it is worth, the air, and water quality are statistics from the EPA.

Gary said...

Shocking information.