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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BRIBERY - A Legislature of Whores

When table-saws are outlawed only outlaws will have table-saws

Prostitutes on Parade  -  Both parties spread their legs wide for corrupt campaign cash and vote to grant a state monopoly on table-saw production to one man.
  • A table-saw maker paid off 21 Democrats and half a dozen key Republicans with $46,400 in corrupt money to grant him a monopoly for his brand of saw.
  • All other saws would be banned from being sold in the People's Republic in the phony name of public "safety".
  • Voters are told to go fuck themselves.  

By Gary:

Amazing.  All it took for California's legislators to sell their vote was an average contribution of only $1,718 each. 

For this very small bribe . . . I mean "contribution" . . . table-saw maker Stephen Gass will be granted a monopoly for his brand of saw.  The free market is abolished for this product.

Gass is an Oregon inventor who has developed a table saw that can stop a whirling blade almost the instant it comes into contact with human flesh. The machine, known as the SawStop will help  prevent injuries in industry and to hobbyists.

But Gass also is a patent attorney who stands to gain from tough new safety standards proposed in California. He's pushing legislation that would require all new table saws sold in the state to be equipped with his injury mitigation technology reports the  Los Angeles Times.

His SawStop is the only product on the market that is likely to meet the bill's requirements and he hold some 90 patents on the saw.

Gass' company has given political bribes, I mean "contributions" of $46,400 to 21 Democrats and half a dozen key Republicans in the last couple of months.

The bill's so-called "author" is political whore Assemblyman Das Williams (Socialist Democrat - Santa Barbara).  Williams only got his pay-off of $2,500 contribution a few weeks ago in May.
With campaign cash flowing the measure sailed through the Assembly on a bi-partisan 64-4 vote.  The anti-free market bill went to and has now passed the State Senate Judiciary Committee.
This "is about legislating market share and attempting to create a monopoly," one group said in a recent letter to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.     (Los Angeles Times)

A Government Monopoly
After an infusion of corrupt money the bi-partisan whores in the People's State Assembly just voted 64 to 4 to grant a monopoly on table-saws in California to only one manufacturer. 

"Fuck the Voters."
The Legislature says "Fuck the voters."  The insane bi-partisan California Legislature will spread their legs for cold, hard cash any day, any time or any place. 

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