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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

California voters were lied to on deficit

Lies - Democrats threatened to close the Parks.
California State Parks have "found" $54 million which means that the $22 million deficit did not exist.  Above photo is Tomales Bay State Park, in Marin County.

Liars  -  Democrats threatened voters that parks would close when there was plenty of money to keep them open.
  • Moronic Democrats demand more and more taxes to fund a state that is out of control.

Lies and damn lies.

The scandal over a hidden stash of $54 million in California's Department of Parks and Recreation,  led to the resignation of the department's director and firing of a deputy on Friday. This should create problems for People's Republic Governor Jerry Brown's Socialist tax increasing proposition in November.

The Governor threatened the people with park closures unless they bow to their Masters in Big Government and increase their own taxes.  Now, the admission by top-level state officials that they were unaware the parks department had tens of millions in extra funds could undermine Brown's pitch to voters that the state needs more of their tax dollars.

The GOP does not get off.  The hiding of millions in taxpayer dollars was happening for years under Republican Governor Schwarzenegger.

California High Speed Rail is a SCAM!!!! John and Ken Show KFI 640AM

Bullet Train  -  California is broke, but Brown and his Fellow Travelers in the Legislature vote to plunge the state billions more in debt for a train no one will ride.

Pay Increases  -  According to a Sacramento Bee analysis, about 100 legislative employees making six figures got the raises, so now more than 300 staffers under the Capitol dome make $100,000 a year or more.

BOTTOM  LINE  -  The state is run by fucking idiots. . . . . and they are coming for your money.
(San Francisco Chronicle)

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