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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Food Police want to raise your taxes

Food Police
Big Brother wants to raise taxes on your soda to finance government unions
and and overpaid administrators.

Soda Taxes  -  The Food Police want your wallet to finance Big Government
  • Now the Democrat city of El Monte wants to tax soda.
  • The idiot El Monte mayor uses your "health" as the reason for more taxes, not his overspending on city employees.
  • The Democrat answer to everything in the world is more taxes.

The moronic leaders of the city of El Monte plan to consider declaring a fiscal emergency and asking voters to tax sugar-sweetened beverages.  This new tax would re-distribute the wealth from taxpayers to the treasury.  It could raise $7 million a year.

After having given away the city treasury to public employees they now seek a tax on sugary beverages sold within the city to balance the books reports the Los Angeles Times.

The moves come as the city attempts to stave off the financial problems facing a number of cities across California. So far this summer, three cities — Stockton, San Bernardino and Mammoth Lakes — have moved to seek bankruptcy protection, and Compton officials announced the city could run out of cash in a matter of months.

El Monte officials said they are not at the edge of bankruptcy but need the sugary drinks tax revenue as a protection against insolvency down the road.

Your Tax Dollars at Work  -  El Monte has also awarded generous benefits to some of its top employees.

Former Police Chief Thomas Armstrong, who retired in May 2011, collected nearly $430,000 in his final year with the city through a combination of salary and payouts for unused time off. Armstrong and two other former police chiefs now receive yearly CalPERS pensions of more than $200,000.
"We're paying for the sins of our fathers," Mayor Andre Quintero said in a recent interview. "For years we just did not manage our contracts well. We were giving away the store."

"These drinks have a similar secondary impact; it may not be to the lungs, but it will be obesity and diabetes and dental decay," Quintero said.

The sugary drinks tax would fill that funding gap, Quintero said.

To Democrats Leftists the answer to all questions on earth is more taxes. . . . . or to put it better, the Socialist re-distribution of the wealth to those with "needs".
(Los Angeles Times)

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