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Monday, July 30, 2012

Democrats steal money from local cities

The "Leaders" of California.
Comrade Governor Jerry Brown (right) and his moron Fellow Traveler leaders of the Democrat State Assembly and the Senate.

THEFT  -  Democrats tell local voters to screw themselves
  • The Leftist legislature steals 47% of the budget of the City of Jurupa Valley as well as other cities around the state.
  • Now cities in California face possible bankruptcy. 

Desperate for cash, insane Leftist Democrat state lawmakers slipped in a last-minute bill to steal $153,000,000 from local city budgets all over the People's Republic of California.

Not a single public hearing was held on the legislation.

The new Riverside County city of Jurupa Valley (population 100,000) may be broke in a year, even though the city is so new that it has no permanent employees, no generous employee pension plan and runs City Hall out of a leased strip-mall storefront next to the Lucky Wok Chinese restaurant reports the Los Angeles Times.

Without a financial rescue, the city will have to shut its doors, sending the Jurupa Valley community back into the ether of unincorporated Riverside County.
“We played by the rules and met all the requirements, and now, through no fault of our own, we face what I call the ‘D Word’ — disincorporation,” Jurupa Valley Mayor Laura Roughton told the  Southwest Riverside News.

“Our budget is bare bones. The only employees we have are the city council members. Everyone else is contracted … We haven’t even had time to make any bad fiscal decisions,” she said.

With California totally mismanaged, the state Legislature in 2011 raided the pot of money collected from statewide vehicle license fees which for years provided California's newly incorporated cities an extra dose of cash they needed until they were able to survive on their own.

The loss of funding has devastated California's four newest  cities, which all happen to be in fast-growing Riverside County: Jurupa Valley, Eastvale, Menifee and Wildomar. The money grab also squeezed existing cities that recently annexed large swaths of territory, including Santa Clarita, San Jose and Temecula, since they also counted on additional car-tax money.

Jurupa Valley has been hit the hardest. The city lost $6.8 million. That's a pittance in Sacramento. For Jurupa Valley, it amounted to 47% of its yearly $14.6-million budget.   (Los Angeles Times)

A Victim of Legal Theft.
Laura Roughton, mayor of Jurupa Valley, stands in front of City Hall, situated in a shopping mall. The city lost $6.8 million in state funds, or 47% of its yearly $14.6-million budget.

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