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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bullet train to go right through a high school

Bullet train draws a bull's eye on downtown Bakersfield
  • The train could run through the 174-bed Bakersfield Homeless Center, Bakersfield High School and dozens of buildings.

The insanity of the People's Republic's Bullet Train goes on and on.  Up and down the empty agricultural Central Valley the government hacks have chosen the most densely populated and expensive areas to run the tracks.

California High Speed Rail officials have released a preliminary track alignment through Bakersfield that would steer clear of several notable local sites but would require the bulldozing of others.

The rail authority's alignment alternatives for Bakersfield have raised considerable concern locally. One option would require demolition of a building at Bakersfield High. Churches and businesses would also be negatively impacted by different scenarios, as would city-owned facilities.

In late 2011, the rail authority proposed a new option that staff said would lessen the impact on the city. But that "hybrid" route also caused concern because it would run through the 174-bed Bakersfield Homeless Center on East Truxtun Avenue, as well as new housing proposed at Mill Creek, parking for the downtown convention center and other properties reports the Bakersfield Californian.

A spokeswoman for Mercy Hospital said the preliminary alignment released Tuesday would affect the medical center.

Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy and the Kern Council of Governments had argued in favor of delaying a decision on route alternatives through the county. Noting that there is no money to build the project's initial phase all the way south from Merced to Bakersfield anyway, they proposed a tentative alignment following the existing BNSF railroad. That would leave options open but avoid placing a stigma on properties that would be affected by any final alignment.

Wasco city manager Dan Allen noted that the City Council has passed a resolution opposed to the project.

In an empty agricultural Central Valley government hacks run the train through the most expensive and densely populated areas.

SHOCK  - Trains Stop!
No one appears to notice that trains make stops.  The Bullet Train will not be rushing at ultra-speed from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  What no one talks about is trains make stops to drop off an pick up passengers and their luggage.
There will be multiple stops for the train such as Burbank, Palmdale, Bakersfield, Fresno and San Jose.  Each stop will require 30 to 45 minutes to load and unload everyone involved.  A trip with five stops at different stations could add perhaps 3 hours or more to the trip.  You might be able to drive there faster in your car.

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