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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senator Kevin de León - Jackass of the Day

Bend over and spread your cheeks - The Democrats have a tax for you.

Yet more Democratic taxes on the voters
  • Senator Kevin de León wins the "Jackass of the Day" award for his new $2 a pack tax on cigarettes.
  • de León screws his own voters while sucking up to the SEIU which is looking to wallow in tons of new tax dollars.

A Leftist Senator in the People's Republic of California is proposing a new $2-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes to pay for health-care programs.

State Senator Kevin de León (Socialist Democrat - Los Angeles) has amended his Senate Bill 768 to serve as the vehicle for the tax hike.

The estimated $1.2 billion in annual revenues from the increase would go to yet-to-be-specified health programs and causes, including promoting access to care and tobacco-related health services.
"The underlying direction will be absolutely on extending health care access," said Greg Hayes, de León's communications director reports the Sacramento Bee.

The bill is backed by a coalition that includes longtime proponents of increasing cigarette taxes, such as the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society, as well as Service Employees International Union and the advocacy group Health Access California, Hayes said.

All of these groups cannot wait to latch on to the public teat and suck on the new stream of sweet, sweet tax money.

Anti-smoking advocates have struggled to persuade lawmakers and voters to raise California's 87-cent cigarette tax, even as per-pack tax rates have risen in states across the nation. By a narrow margin, voters rejected a ballot measure in June 2012 that would have enacted a $1-a-pack hike for cancer research and other programs. Efforts in the Legislature have repeatedly fallen short of the two-thirds vote needed to win approval.

Hayes said the senator hopes that Democrats' supermajority control in both houses and the fact that huge numbers of voters are fucking idiots will lead to a different outcome this year.

"It's not going to be a small challenge, but right now this body is one of the reasons that we face deficits," Hayes said. "It's because we are completely upside down in health care costs related to tobacco."  Bend over taxpayers.  The Socialists are coming.

Jackass of the Day
Leftist nutcase Socialist State Senator Kevin de León wants to screw over his
own constituents and voters all over the state with new taxes.


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