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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Great Liar Abel Maldonado Runs for Governor

California GOP Corruption
Under the corrupt leadership of GOP State Senator Abel Maldonado and GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (and backed by other Republicans) party primaries were abolished in California and only the top two vote getters were allowed on the general election ballots.
Four opposition parties from both the Left and the Right were effectively banned from the November ballot - The American Independent Party, the Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party and the Libertarian Party.  Maldonado not only wanted opposition parties banned, but independent candidates also.  In addition all write-in votes were made illegal.
Both Republican and Democrat leaders were happy to eliminate ballot opposition.

Abel Maldonado moves toward Governor run
  • Maldonado lied to the voters when he broke his no new taxes pledge and supported a monster tax increase.
  • GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rewarded Maldonado with 30 pieces of silver and an appointment as Lt. Governor.

The Great Liar and tax increaser Abel Maldonado (Republican - Santa Maria) took his first formal step to run against Democratic Comrade Governor Jerry Brown, promising a lively 2014 gubernatorial contest pitting "the son of immigrant field workers versus the son of Sacramento."

Maldonado, who as lieutenant governor was California's highest-ranking Latino Republican in more than a century, formed a campaign committee Thursday, allowing him to begin raising money for what is likely to be a high-dollar race says the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 45-year-old former farmworker from Santa Maria (Santa Barbara County) also has hired a team of nationally known veteran GOP strategists - a clear sign that he intends to mount an aggressive campaign against Brown, who will be 75 by the next election. Brown is widely expected to run for another term, though he hasn't formally declared his intention to do so.

Maldonado's senior strategist, John Weaver, was chief adviser to the 2012 presidential campaign of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and the 2000 presidential campaign of Arizona Sen. John McCain. Fred Davis, creator of the infamous "Demon Sheep" TV ad for Senate candidate Carly Fiorina in 2010, will be Maldonado's media and advertising consultant.

Maldonado has tapped Vince Harris to direct his bilingual and Internet outreach, as Harris did for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in his 2012 campaign.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge Plays Major Role at CA GOP Convention
2009 video of the Great Liar Maldonado and his support for huge tax increases.

On Thursday, Maldonado spoke like a candidate who is confident of shifting his own party's profile, while taking on the incumbent Democratic governor and son of the late Gov. Edmund "Pat" Brown in a solidly blue state.

"I believe it's time for the (Republican) party to go in a different direction," said Maldonado. In California, where GOP voter registration has fallen below 29 percent, he said, "we need a new way" that calls for "bold ideas" and for the party to be "inclusive and optimistic and inspiring."

While some people in his party will resist the change, he said, "To those I say: 'You will like irrelevance even less.' "

Leftist Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker John Pérez (Socialist Democrat - Los Angeles) dismissed Maldonado as "an electoral loser," a reference to his unsuccessful bid to unseat Rep. Lois Capps of Santa Barbara in November and his loss in 2010 to former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in the lieutenant governor's race.

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Abel Maldonado's 30 pieces of silver.
GOP State Senator Abel Maldonado lied to the voters and raised their taxes. The Republican Party has rewarded his lies and betrayal four times in a row with their votes for office.  The question of the day is, "Does the GOP believe in anything."

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