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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

California GOP tells Hispanics to get lost

GOP Ontario Mayor Paul Leon

The Republican Party is run by idiots
The state GOP claims they want Hispanics, but totally ignores the Hispanic Republican
Mayor of Ontario in a State Senate special election.

Is it racism? or are Republicans just fucking morons

Pick one or both as the GOP refuses to back the elected Hispanic Republican Mayor of Ontario.

This is a chance to pick up a vacant State Senate seat and demonstrate that the California Republican Party and their allies are serious about backing Latino candidates.   It is a golden opportunity for the state's GOP, but after all the hot air about wanting Republican Hispanics the party is ignoring their own candidate.

Ontario Mayor Paul Leon, the Republican Party's candidate in the special election to succeed Democrat Gloria Negrete-McLeod, has yet to benefit from the same kind of support his Democratic opponent, Assemblywoman Norma Torres, has received. Campaign finance records show Torres is enjoying financial support from Democratic lawmakers up and down the state, combined with support from several business and labor interests.

Leon, by comparison, has generally drawn support from Republicans holding office in the Inland Empire and local business figures reports the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Torres has collected nearly $548,000 worth of contributions, compared with the nearly $245,000 that Leon has raised.

Paul Leon for CA State Senate
Paul Leon is currently the Mayor of Ontario, CA. He is also a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. We MUST get this man elected to the State Senate to prevent a super-majority of those who desire to trample on the Constitutional rights of all Californian's...and beyond. 

Leon also has no financial support from the independent expenditure committee that are becoming an increasingly important - if not universally beloved - part of American politics.

Torres, by contrast, has been the beneficiary of $395,500 in outside spending support for the primary and general election campaigns.

Leon said he has received welcome support from new state GOP Chairman Jim Brulte as well as state Sen. Bob Huff, R-Walnut, and Assemblyman Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills. Leon acknowledged, however, his frustration that his support from Republican interests up and down the state does not match the support Democrats have given to Torres.

To many, the Republican Party's poor showing in last year's elections has demonstrated an imperative to motivate Latino and Asian-American candidates and voters. Leon said Republicans have talked about changing the face of their party, but have yet to match those words with action.

"I think it explains itself. There's no proof in the pudding," Leon said.

Leon is a moderate Republican who may be best known in the Inland Empire for his advocacy for local control of L.A./Ontario International Airport, currently managed by a Los Angeles city agency, rather than any positions that can easily be described as "liberal" or "conservative." He said the fundraising situation in the campaign does not change his support for the Republican platform.

"I'm not bitter about any of this. I came into this race with my eyes wide open, that this was a high probability that I would taking this on alone," Leon said. "It has been me and my friends that believe in me. "

A district map from the primary.

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