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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jerry Brown finds $287million just laying around

State Treasurer:  "Hey Jerry, what are those bags of money over in the corner?"
Comrade Brown:  "Hell if I know, I am busy raising taxes on the people."

The moron Leftists in California have found $287,000,000 in loose change just laying around
  • The audit also turned up $422.7 million in discrepancies at the Public Utilities Commission
  • The idiot Democrat Leftists of the People's Republic are too busy raising taxes and re-distributing the wealth to run the state. 

Comrade Governor Jerry Brown of the People's Republic of California announced on Friday that $119 million more in untapped money was found in an audit of state accounts.  That brings to more than $286.5 million the sum Democrats were unaware of as they repeatedly cut government services and pushed for more taxes.

The new discovery includes about $30 million for health-care programs, almost $29 million for reimbursing crime victims and $12.5 million for cleaning up underground petroleum tanks. It follows revelations that nearly $113 million was languishing in a recycling program funded with consumers’ bottle deposits and $54 million had gone unreported by state parks officials reports the Washington Post.

Comrade Governor Brown had threatened to close 70 parks to help balance the budget . . . a typical Leftist ploy to frighten people into tax increases.

A top-to-bottom review of more than 500 “special” funds showed the scope of a problem that raises the question if Brown knows what the Hell he is doing.

The irregularities are a particular distraction for Brown as he pushes voters to pass billions of dollars in tax increases on the November ballot.

Officials found 68 accounts in which bottom lines varied by at least $1 million. The administration attributed most of the imbalance to different accounting methods used in the two offices. But far more was the result of errors including typos, omitted interest or miscalculated revenue.

The audit also turned up $422.7 million in discrepancies at the Public Utilities Commission, which regulates telecommunications and energy services, and officials said they have launched a more thorough review of its finances.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff criticized the administration’s auditing efforts as “slapdash.” He said a deeper study was needed “before we even consider going back and asking struggling families for yet another tax increase.”    (Washington Post)

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