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Monday, August 27, 2012

Jerry Brown extorts money to raise your taxes

Extortion  -  Jerry Brown makes Corporations an offer they can't refuse
  • Democrat Jerry Brown is shaking down California corporations to raise campaign money for Prop. 30 to raise our taxes.
  • Pony up the campaign bucks or your industry gets fucked.
  • Democrats will sink to any level in order to steal money to fund the Marxist Welfare State.


Some of the largest corporate have poured millions of dollars into an initiative to raise personal income and sales taxes in the People's Republic of California. 

In return for bankrolling an $8-billion-a-year tax hike pushed by Comrade Governor Jerry Brown these corporation's industries will be left alone.

Since taking office more than 18 months ago, the Democratic governor has held dozens of meetings with such unnatural allies as oil companies, insurers and telecommunications interests letting them know who is in charge of the state reports the Los Angeles Times. 

To bribe them, Brown offered not to push new taxes on oil extraction, soft drinks or alcohol if they backed his sales and income tax increases.

Comrade Brown wants a quarter-cent hike in sales taxes and an increase of 1 to 3 percentage points on individual incomes of job creators who make more than $250,000.

Labor unions and Democratic lawmakers spent almost $7 million qualifying Proposition 30 for the ballot.

In addition to the energy corporations, insurance companies and telecommunications companies, hospitals, movie studios and utilities have also opened their checkbooks. Many of these groups have an interest in bills pending in the Legislature that may go to the governor for his signature or veto.

Businesses are in fear that Socialist Democrats will push additional taxes on oil, alcohol or other items that could be among Brown's next options if voters reject his initiative.

  • Alcohol and oil have also been popular tax targets. Democratic lawmakers have long sought an extraction levy on oil pumped in California, similar to what Alaska, Texas and other oil-producing states charge.  Oil interests have given more than $800,000 to the Yes on 30 campaign, led by Occidental Petroleum, which has contributed $500,000.

  • Other groups have given as they have backed, or tried to block, bills moving through the Legislature. Zuffa Inc., a company that promotes mixed martial arts, has been trying to stop a bill that would increase regulation on mixed martial arts fighting in California. The firm donated $50,000.

  • Timber interests have contributed $25,000 to Brown's campaign as the governor has pushed legislation to limit liability in wildfire lawsuits.

(Los Angeles Times)

Turn over the "voluntary" campaign contributions now or those licences
and building permits you need will go into a fucking black hole till the end of time.

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