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Friday, August 24, 2012

Democrats kill lawsuit reform bill

It took Democrats less than 24 hours to kill a bill to limit environmental lawsuits.
The courts have nothing to do with justice.  The courts are designed to line the
pockets of attorneys with money.  Nothing more.  Nothing Less.

Legal Corruption in California  -  Scumbag lawyers run the state legislature and write laws so everyone can be raped by the court system 24-7.
  • Democrats kill a bill to stop endless environment lawsuits that kill job creation.
  • After all unemployment and government dependency are far more important than jobs.

That sure didn’t take long. Less than a day after state Senator Michael Rubio started lining up co-authors for last-minute legislation to restrict litigation under California’s environmental-protection laws, the Bakersfield Democrat announced early Thursday afternoon that he would not pursue the bill.

The proposal, which just surfaced at the Capitol on Wednesday, had support from several Orange County Republicans, including Huntington Beach Assemblyman Jim Silva, who had just officially signed on to co-author the proposal Thursday morning reports the Orange County Register.

Just a few hours later, Rubio stood before reporters with Democrat Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and said that, out of deference to the legislative process and the institution of the Legislature, he will hold off on reform issue and pursue it again next year, instead of in the final day of the legislative session, which concludes Aug. 31.

Said Steinberg: “This law, for all of its strengths and its faults, is far too important to rewrite in the last days of the session.”

Steinberg Translation:  "Fucking Hell no.  Lawsuit reform is dead on arrival.  Environmental lawsuits are the Full Employment Act for lawyers.  We'll streamline the process over my dead body."

Rubio said the sudden about face was made by himself and the coalition backing the bill — which included the Orange County Business Council — in consultation with Steinberg after considering the “dynamics of the building.”

Even before Rubio’s proposal surfaced, more than 30 Democratic lawmakers sent Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, D-Los Angeles, a letter saying they’re concerned about proposals to weaken CEQA.

California needs more jobs, not more lawsuits
A "legal" system designed by and for lawyers.  Justice has nothing to do with the courts.

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