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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hollywood Left Choking Their Own Industry


Guest Column

By Armand Vaquer
Armand's Rancho Del Cielo

It boggles the mind that the left-wingers in Hollywood are in support of the Democrats' plans for higher taxes on businesses and individuals making over $200,000 (and families making over $250,000) when enormous taxes are already driving corporations out of California.

These irrational tax policies, by the Democrat-controlled state government, are killing jobs in California. They are also killing jobs in their own industry. Of the 23 new television dramas, only two are being shot in Hollywood, according to an article in Los Angeles Times. Studios are going to states where there are better tax breaks.

How does the Hollywood Left reconcile advocating higher taxes in California, while at the same time, those tax policies are killing jobs and driving business out? It is killing jobs in the catering industry, prop workers, make-up artists and production support positions in the industry. Naturally, the Hollywood Left (like most leftists) don't think things through, they just act on emotion or "feelings."

Rational people, who see the situation where less money is to be made in the state, will opt out of the state. The state's tax policies are driving businesses (and jobs) out and the over-generous entitlement programs are attracting the parasites. In a nutshell, the makers are leaving and the takers are coming in. How is this sustainable over the long term?

It is total lunacy.

California used to be the "land of opportunity." Not anymore.

Of the 23 new television dramas, only two are being shot in Hollywood. 
Movie and TV industry jobs are flooding out of California to Canada
and low tax states like Georgia.

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