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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SHOCK: California voters approved more taxes

Moron Alert  -  California voters passed 63% of all tax increases on their local ballots.
  • It is bad enough that mindless voters keep electing big spending Liberals of both parties, but they also vote to tax themselves out of even more of their money.

The local, state and Federal governments are spending the nation into bankruptcy.  But the Leftist voters in the People's Republic of California just can't stop themselves.  They keep voting the same big spending idiots back into power and support more and more local taxes.  After all, only more money will solve problems.
Local voters approved 63 percent — or 55 of the 87 — local tax, bond or fee measures on the June 5, 2012 California primary ballot, according to Michael Coleman, the creator of CaliforniaCityFinance.com.

Majority vote measures fared much better than supermajority votes requiring two-thirds approval to pass special taxes and bonds. Fifteen of the 19 majority-vote measures passed (79 percent). But only 18 of the 34 supermajority vote taxes passed (53 percent).
For schools, voters favored approval by 66 percent; that’s compared to 45 percent for non-schools.
Analysts will not get much direction from these local election results in trying to handicap the mood of voters to pass Gov. Jerry Brown’s $8.5 billion tax increase initiative this November. Even though a balanced budget is constitutionally required to be approved by June 15, it was just reported that the leadership in the Legislature still refuses to cut $2 billion in social spending to meet Brown’s budget proposal, which itself appeared to analysts already to have a $4 billion deficit.
(See Cal Watchdog for more on this story.)

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