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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Government steals private property

California government workers on a morning stroll (AP file photo)

Socialism in Action  -  Local governments steal private property through zoning laws
  • Instead of stealing the land outright like the Communists, local governments tie up land owners forever using zoning laws and building permits.
  • And the moron Leftists running California wonder why businesses are leaving the state.

The total anti-business stance of the People's Republic of California goes on and on.

Leftist idiot local government worker drones (backed by elected officials) have found a way to steal private property without actually stealing it.  They simply use zoning laws, government licenses and building permits to keep a property owner from ever opening a business . . . with no business allowed your private property becomes worthless.

All hail Karl Marx.

Ventura County in California has found a way around this limit by using zoning regulations to make it so prohibitively difficult for businesses to exist that the owners just pack up and leave of their own volition. This video from Reason Magazine explains the extremely sleazy approach involved:

In the northernmost reaches of California's Ventura County, a two-lane rural road called Highway 33 runs into the rugged and mostly undeveloped Transverse Mountain Range. Though it's mostly raw wilderness, a few businesses catering to adventurous explorers have long existed there, some for more than a century.

But now the local government is shutting those businesses down, one by one, using arcane zoning and building-code laws to get the job done.

"If there isn't someone complaining, and there isn't really a serious public health and safety issue, why do they spend so much of their time pursuing these kinds of cases?" asks Lynne Jensen, executive director of the Ventura County Coalition of Labor and Business (COLAB).

Tom Wolf owns the Pine Mountain Inn, a restaurant that's been serving biker groups and local community organizations since the 1930s. Wolf temporarily had to shut the doors when he suffered a heart attack in 2002, and he was never able to reopen when the county informed him that his property had been rezoned as an "Open Space" back in the 1980s without his knowledge.

(EDITOR'S  NOTE:  While these property owners and businessmen were being totally fucked over, the so-called "small government" Republican Party is nowhere to be found.  GOP elected officials ran for the hills rather than stand up publicly side-by-side with these business owners.  This video had to be made by the Libertarian Reason TV think tank.  I guess it was too much work for Republicans to get off their Statist asses and defend common people.  If the GOP wonders why they are a minority they need only look in the mirror.)

"[The county] wanted everybody out of here," says Wolf. "And they wanted a complete open space with nothing but deer and frogs... and no people."

No matter how hard Wolf tried to comply with the ever-changing codes, the county just wouldn't relent, at one time even ordering him to remove a chicken coop that had never actually existed on the property.

Wolf isn't alone, says Jensen. Several other small businesses along Highway 33 have been hit by multiple county agencies for no apparent reason.

"They had every department hit us with violations to make sure that they shut us down," says April Hope, who, along with her husband Bob, owns a bed and breakfast called The Wheel, which has existed in the area since the 1890s.

Since the Hopes purchased The Wheel in early 2000, they've never been able to open it to the public. While officials from the county supervisor's office and the planning department refused to speak with ReasonTV for this story, Jensen says that the county is using code enforcement to drive these businesses off the land without compensation.

"This rezoning is really a way to get around eminent domain, because eminent domain means you give up your entire property. And here, you only give up part of your rights," says Jensen.

Invoking eminent domain to seize private property would not only require the county to compensate landowners, but also to demonstrate that the taking served a "public use."

"They have been very successful in taking people's property in a number of different ways without compensation as long as they don't take ownership of it," says Jensen.       (Infowars.com)

Government theft of private Property.
Property owner Tom Wolf temporarily had to shut the doors when he suffered a heart attack in 2002, and he was never able to reopen when the county informed him that his property had been rezoned as an "Open Space" without his knowledge.

The Pine Mountain Inn. 
Socialist moron government drones are frightened that people might stop in, have a drink and perhaps even a good time.  They will not allow this business to re-open, serve the public, create jobs and taxes for the treasury.
Yes, government workers are fucking morons.

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