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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moron Alert - Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes

Assembly Dumb Ass Felipe Fuentes

Leftist Moron of the Month

---- Massive unemployment and underemployment in California

---- Home foreclosures everywhere.

---- Businesses are leaving the state.

---- The state in bankrupt.

If all of that was going on during your term in office what would you do?

Why introduce a bill for National Coupon Month naturally.

What a fucking dip-shit.

The reports that the budget deficit of the People's Republic of California is about $17 Billion are only half right.  The press forgets to tell their viewers and readers that California also owes the federal government $14 Billion and the public schools another $10 Billion. 

While California sputters under massive debt, idiot legislators continue to take up ridiculous bills and resolutions, and ignore bills which would begin necessary reforms.

Last week the Assembly voted to adopt Assembly Resolution 99 recognizing September 2012 as National Coupon Month. ACR 99 by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes (Socialist Democrat - Sylmar) “would acknowledge the value of coupons in achieving significant savings for California consumers.”
Moronic legislators live in a pretend la-la land.  No matter how they screw up they still get their paychecks and almost always win re-election from an even more stupid Sheeple public which has not a clue what is happening outside of their Twitter and Cable TV worlds.
The Assembly Rules Committee, notorious for killing Republican bills by refusing to act on them, had a committee staff member prepare an analysis of ACR 99, and committee members voted 6-4 to pass the Resolution.
It is now in the hands of the Senate Rules Committee where it will undoubtedly go through a similar process.        (Cal Watchdog)

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