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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Job creators flee Socialist California

Socialist Stupidity  -  Comrade Jerry Brown does not give a crap about the average person who works for a living.

  • High tax, anti-business Socialism is driving businesses and job creators out of the state.
  • Brown and his Fellow Travelers in the legislature get a government paycheck.  So the fact you can't find a job has no meaning to them.
  • SHOCK  -  With 12% of the U.S. population, the People's Republic has 33% of those on welfare.

Comrade Governor Jerry Brown of the People's Republic of California released his 2012-13 budget proposal and demand for job creators to bend over for a good tax reaming by his Socialist minions.  Brown's endless quest for more and more tax money will only will force the producers of society into leaving the state. 
Comrade Brown calls for $8.5 billion in tax increases from the initiative he is placing before voters on the November ballot. Most of the tax increase will come from increasing the top income tax rate by 3 percentage points.  The rest of the new taxes will come from a sales tax increase for all residents to fund the cradle-to-grave Welfare State.
The Marxist income tax would go from the current 10.3 percent to 13.3 percent, which would be the highest in the nation.  This would be on top of the already high Federal income taxes.

But he failed to note something crucial: That owners of businesses that create jobs can move away from the People's Republic. And if the jobs are not created, then the businesses die. And if the businesses and jobs are gone, then the tax base goes down.
Taxing those so-called evil capitalist "owners” more isn’t a simple matter of moving money around in separate bank accounts. It means punishing the jobs creators and totally screwing people who work for a living.
Just last week there was wide publicity given to Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin leaving not just a particular high-state tax, but the entire USA for tax relief in Singapore.  The nation of Singapore has no capital gains tax. He’s worth $4 billion, assuming the Facebook’s coming IPI rakes in $100 billion.

Chuck DeVore Speaks out against Brown

Comrade Brown also didn’t note something else: Although the economic recovery is tepid, it is a recovery. Tax revenues should be increasing a little — or at least not going down, as in California. The Wall Street Journal just reported:
“California is suffering this tax drought even as most other states enjoy a revenue rebound. State tax collections were up nationally by 8.9% last year [2011], according to the Census Bureau, and this year revenues are up by double digits in many states. The state comptroller reports that Texas is enjoying 10.9% growth in its sales taxes (it has no income tax), while California can’t seem to keep up despite one of the highest tax rates in the land.”

But he also surely knows that Democrats might gain two-thirds majorities in both houses of the Legislature this November. If that happens, they could increase taxes at will, without needing a single Republican vote in the Legislature, or the approval of voters.

(Cal Watchdog.com)

The economy is booming in low tax Singapore.
American Democrat Socialists are too stupid to understand a simple fact of  life:  If you are low tax and business friendly, not only does your economy grow but the government gets more taxes into the treasury.

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