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Monday, May 14, 2012

Chris Mitchum for Congress

Two bastard liars in just one photo.
Minnie Me liar former GOP Lt. Governor Able Maldonado and his Puppetmaster GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lies and Damn Lies  -  The Great Liar Able Maldonado runs for Congress
  • Central Coast Republicans should vote for former actor Chris Mitchum.  Does he look like his dad of what???? 
  • Maldonado has very serious character flaws.

By Gary;

There is one thing I just cannot stand, and that is a LIAR.  The Great Whore Able Maldonado qualifies for the title of liar better than almost anyone active in politics today.

TAX  INCREASER  -  As a Republican State Senator from the California Central Coast, Maldonado signed the no new taxes pledge.  Republicans don't believe in a Hell of a lot.  They go out of their way to fund Big Government every chance they get.  So drawing the line on new taxes takes on even more importance.

To bottom line it,  Schwarzenegger, Senator Maldonado and other GOP legislative traitors broke their no new taxes pledge and fucked the voters.  No more.  No less.

But to make it worse, Maldonado sold his vote in return for his Puppetmaster Schwarzenegger appointing him as Lt. Governor.

SCREWING  REPUBLICANS  -    As part of Maldonado's corrupt deal he insisted that the Republican primary be abolished and that everyone be on one ballot in order to reduce the voting power of anti-tax Conservatives in government.

This was done behind closed doors literally in the middle of the night without one single public hearing.  The bastard Maldonado made sure that the ballot argument that went in the mail to voters was a total lie.  The real opponents of this corrupt plan were not allowed to write their opposition to the proposition.

IDIOT  REPUBLICANS  -  More proof that Republican voters are often idiots.  After getting royally screwed by Maldonado, GOP voters went ahead and voted for him for Lt. Governor.

Now the liar Maldonado is running for Congress.
The new 24th Congressional District  is significantly more difficult terrain for Democrat Lois Capps as she tries to hold on to her seat. In contrast to her huge partisan advantage in the old 23rd CD, registration in the 24th is closely divided between the parties. 

  • Democrats       38.5% 
  • Republicans     35.5 % 
  • Independents    20.4% 

The national GOP is expected to provide resources to former lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado, assuming he bests Tea Party favorite Chris Mitchum in the primary.
Capps meanwhile reported $1,322,657 cash on hand, nearly three times as much as Maldonado, with $492,230; Mitchum reported $113,929, including a $100,000 loan to himself.

Chris Mitchum for Congress

California's new 24th Congessional District is comprised of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties in their entirety and portions of Ventura County.

Republican Chris Mitchum for Congress. 
The son of the legendary actor Robert Mitchum, and an actor himself, Chris is the former National 1stVice President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), where he led a small group of board members who stopped Ed Asner from using his position as SAG president to support the Communist Sandanistas in Central America.  Despite being outnumbered, they were successful and Asner did not seek reelection.

Chris served as Chairman of the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission under Governor Pete Wilson.  As chairman, he rewrote the way they did business and brought over four million dollars into community police and teen courts.

In 1998, Chris ran for State Assembly. He raised nearly $1 million, and won a 3-way primary but was narrowly defeated by Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson.

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