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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

June 2012 Primary Endorsements

Screw the state GOP.  Vote for who you want.

The California Primary is here.  Not that it means much in this authoritarian state.  But those who treasure freedom need to get out and vote.

For President
Republican Congressman Ron Paul
Ron Paul for President 

For anyone who believes in freedom a protest vote for Ron Paul must be cast.  Far too often the GOP acts as Socialist-Lite Party.

For U.S. Senate
Republican Robert Lauten
Robert Lauten for Senate

He supports the reinstating of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that saved the banking system, and he wants to reestablish the Hamiltonian Credit System.  Personally Lauten had me at Hamilton.

Face it.  The GOP in California is so pathetic they could not attract a real candidate.  This is the best the party can do.

No on Props 28 and 29.


The California Republican Party is an un-elected oligarchy that does not represents Republican voters, but instead represents elected political hacks and special interests.

Republican Party Endorsements . . . Screw them
  • The state GOP is an un-elected oligarchy of Big Government loving morons.
  • The average Republican voter has no voice in their own party.

When my sample ballot arrived in the mail it sickened me to see the "endorsements" made by the California Republican Party.  First of all no one elected anybody at the "Republican Party."  So what gives them any right to tell anyone who to vote for, but the party went ahead and endorsed 100 candidates around the state.

The state GOP central committee is a totally un-elected oligarchy.  Members are appointed by Republican candidates and GOP officeholders.  No one is elected by Republican voters.

In the stupid endorsement department, total loser Elizabeth Emken won the state GOP endorsement for U.S. Senate.  However her only electoral experience is finishing fourth out of four candidates in the 2010 Republican primary in Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney’s district. Emken received 16.7 percent of the vote. In a district that winds through four counties, Emken didn’t even win her own Contra Costa County, finishing second, just 270 votes ahead of the third-place finisher.
Reform the Republican Party  -  A political party where the voters have zero voice is not a real party at all.  The GOP grass roots voters having no voice explains why the party supported abolishing the GOP primary and supported higher taxes under Arnold.
Members of the GOP County Central Committees appear on the ballot and are elected by the voters.  Simply make every elected County Committee member an automatic member of the state committee.  That would pump new blood and real representation into the GOP.
But the corrupt state GOP oligarchy will never reform itself

(Cal Watchdog.com)

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