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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Great Liar Abel Maldonado is in runoff for Congress

Abel Maldonado's 30 pieces of silver.
GOP State Senator Abel Maldonado lied to the voters and raised their taxes.  The Republican Party has rewarded his lies and betrayal four times in a row.

Question of the Day  -  Does the Republican Party actually believe in anything?

  • GOP elected officials go out of their way to endorse a candidate who broke his no new taxes pledge and totally fucked the voters.
  • But tell me something new.  This is standard operating procedure for the Republican Party.

By Gary:

The Great Liar and political whore former Republican Lt. Governor is now in a runoff for Congress in a district that covers Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties and part of Ventura County.  GOP voters gave Maldonado 30% of the vote to Republican Chris Mitchum's 20%.  Democrat psycho incumbent Lois Capps got 46%.

What is amazing to me is the bold stance taken by the Right-Wing Socialist Party that goes under the name "Republican".  The party is right-wing on issues like guns and abortion, but they don't even try to pretend that they give a shit about taxpayers and the march of Big Government Socialism.
The Great Liar
Abel Maldonado

State Senator Abel Maldonado betrayed his No New Taxes pledge and voted to pass the largest tax increase in the history of California.  The Republican Party rewarded his lies, gave him thirty pieces of silver and promoted him to Lt. Governor.

Both the Socialist leadership of the GOP and the non-thinking Republican voters have rewarded this scumbag four times in a row after he fucked over taxpayers.  They made him Lt. Governor, he then won the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor, GOP voters voted to keep him in the Lt. Governor's office in 2010 and now GOP voters supported him for a seat in Congress.

Does the Republican Party Believe in Anything?

That is the real question of the day.  If Republican leaders and voters keep supporting Big Government Socialists who vote to tax and spend and re-distribute the wealth, then is the GOP a Socialist Party?

Yes has to be the answer.

If it quacks like a duck then it is a duck.  Several years ago I stopped listening to what GOP politicians said and looked at the bottom line of the results of their being in office.  After all is said and done, if the results are more Big Government and more Marxist wealth re-distribution then the GOP is Socialist.  They might be considered "moderate" Socialists when put side by side with red flag waving Democrats, but Socialist they are.

Below are endorsements for the proven liar Maldonado and Big Government from many well known Republican leaders.  This is directly from Abel Maldonado for Congress. 

--Judge William Clark, Former US National Security Advisor
--Edwin Meese, Former US Attorney General
--George P. Shultz, Former US Secretary of State
--Stu Spencer, Campaign Manager, President Reagan
--Robert Lagomarsino, Retired Congressman
--Katcho Achadjian, CA Assemblyman
--Mike Curb, Former CA Lt. Gov. & CEO, Curb Records
--Bruce McPherson, Former CA Secretary of State
--Bill Simon, Former CA Governor Nominee
--Anthony Canella, CA State Senator
--Bill Emmerson, CA State Senator
--Mimi Walters, CA State Senator
--Connie Conway, CA Assembly Leader
--Nathan Fletcher, CA Assemblyman
--Dan Logue, CA Assemblyman
--David Valadao, CA Assemblyman
--Rebecca Morgan, Former CA State Senator
--Dick Ackerman, Former CA State Senate Leader
--Jim Brulte, Former CA State Senate Leader
--Dave Cogdill, Former CA State Senate Leader
--Dennis Hollingsworth, Former CA State Senate Leader
--Fred Aguiar, Former CA Assemblyman & CA Gov. Cabinet Secretary
--Jim Cunneen, Former CA Assemblyman

--Tom Sneddon, Former District Attorney, Santa Barbara County
--Jim Thomas, Former Sheriff, Santa Barbara County
--Patrick Hedges, Former Sheriff, San Luis Obispo County
--Frank Mecham, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Paul Teixeira, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Joni Gray, Santa Barbara County Supervisor
--Steve Lavagnino, Santa Barbara County Supervisor
--Ruth Brackett, Former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Jerry Diefenderfer, Former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Jerry Lenthall, Former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Howard Mankins, Former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Harry Ovitt, Former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor
--Joe Centeno, Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor
--Brooks Firestone, Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor
--DeWayne Holmdahl, Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor

--Ed Andrisek, Mayor of Buellton
--Lupe Alvarez, Mayor of Guadalupe
--John Linn, Mayor of Lompoc
--William Yates, Mayor of Morro Bay
--Jim Richardson, Mayor of Solvang
--Bob Kelley, Mayor Pro Tem of Atascadero
--Bill Nicolls, Mayor Pro Tem of Grover Beach
--John Hamon, Mayor Pro Tem of Paso Robles
--Kris Vardas, Vice Mayor of Pismo Beach
--Ray Johnson, Former Mayor of Atascadero
--Gary Nielsen, Former Mayor of Carpinteria
--Jean Blois, Former Mayor of Goleta
--Peter Keith, Former Mayor of Grover Beach
--Larry Versaw, Fomer Mayor of Grover Beach
--Marvin Loney, Former Mayor of Lompoc
--Mike Simenski, Former Mayor of Lompoc
--Joe Valencia, Former Mayor of Lompoc
--Jim Heggarty, Former Mayor of Paso Robles
--Dave Romero, Former Mayor of San Luis Obispo
--Eric Onnen, Former Mayor of Goleta

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