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Monday, June 25, 2012

Republican changes to Independent

Bruce McPherson
Assemblyman & Senator 1993 - 2004
Secretary of State 2005 - 2007

Bye-Bye GOP

---- Republicans are too Conservative

---- He is an abortion rights supporter who's willing to discuss new taxes (Translation - Screw the taxpayers to fund Big Government.)

---- McPherson had endorsed Santa Cruz Democrats such as Fred Keeley, Henry Mello and Sam Farr.

The man long known as the only Republican who could get elected in Santa Cruz is no longer a Republican.
Bruce McPherson said he is dropping his GOP party affiliation and listing no preference, joining a growing bloc of California voters who've renounced party identification reports the San Joes Mercury News.

"That's who I am," McPherson said. "During my years in the California Legislature, I was widely recognized as the most independent voice in either the Assembly or the Senate. Now more than ever I think we need leaders who make decisions for the community and the people, not what's best for the party."

Since 1996, the number of independent California voters has doubled to 21.3 percent, according to the most recent statistics from the California Secretary of State's office. During that time, Democratic registration has declined 3.7 points to 43.4 percent, while Republican registration declined 6.8 points to 30.2 percent.

A former Secretary of State himself, McPherson may be the highest-ranking former state official to renounce party identification.

"It's as strident as I've ever known it to be," McPherson said of partisan politics. "I don't want to be identified as right or left."

An abortion rights supporter who's willing to discuss new taxes, McPherson was known as a moderate during his 11 years in the Legislature. During the years, he has endorsed local Democrats such as Fred Keeley, Henry Mello and Sam Farr.
He also is locked in what appears to be a runoff for the nonpartisan office of county supervisor in his bid to return to politics. First-time candidate Eric Hammer, a Democrat, appears to have cleared enough votes to force a one-on-one November vote, though some votes remain to be counted.     (San Joes Mercury News)

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