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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tax increasing Republican runs for Congress

A Party of Political Whores.
The California Republican Party has totally been in bed with the Big Government Socialists looking to increase spending and grow the Socialist Cradle-to-Grave-Welfare-State.

Political Whore Alert!
California Republican slime ex-Assemblyman Anthony Adams runs for Congress

  • The Bastard Anthony Adams fucked over the people of California voting to increase taxes.
  • In secret, and without public hearings, he also voted to deny political parties the right to select their own candidates for office by adopting open primaries.
  • So-called "Conservative" GOP voters refused to recall Adams after he screwed them.

Former political whore Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams announced that he will run for the newly created 8th Congressional District - to represent much of the High Desert, parts of San Bernardino, Highland, Yucaipa and Yucca Valley.

Adams once represented much of the Victor Valley as a GOP state assemblyman before turning into a traitor to taxpayers.  He has abandoned the GOP and will run for Congress under a No Party Preference banner.  Adams no longer has Republican Governor Schwarzenegger to protect and fund his campaigns.
Tax increaser Anthony Adams now wants to
fuck the voters in Congress.

Blame the Republican Party

Multiple Republicans, including GOP leadership, dropped their pants and bent over for the tax increasing  Great Schwarzenegger whore and the Socialist Democrats.  

To bottom line it, the GOP did not give a crap about increasing taxes.  The state GOP even donated money to fund TV ads to increase taxes.
The massive increase in the California cradle to grave welfare state is totally bi-partisan.  The so-called "small government" Republican Party has eagerly voted to spend other people's money as long as there are bucks to pay off the GOP supporters back home.
The GOP voters themselves have only to look in the mirror to see why Socialism grows.
After the vote to increase taxes there were multiple recalls started against the GOP whores in the legislature who betrayed the people.  Every single recall effort failed.  
That really says it all.  When the rubber hit the road it was the Republican voters themselves who refused to recall the liars in their own party.
The Party of "small government" my ass.  Republicans are nothing more than moderate Democrats.

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The 8th Congressional District of California.

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