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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Independent voters grow in California

More and more voters are rejecting the two large Socialist parties in California and are registering as independents.

The GOP has become a third party in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Independents outnumber Republicans in five counties surrounding the bay, plus a sixth county, Santa Cruz.

  • More and more voters are registering as independents and telling both Socialist parties to go to Hell.
  • In a panic the two large Socialist Parties forced a "top two" system on California so all independent and small opposition parties would effectively be banned from all general election ballots.
  • Democrats and Republicans will do anything to protect their monopoly in elections while turning California into a Socialist sink-hole.

There are now more than 17 million Californians registered to vote, up from 15.5 million four years ago, and a significant chunk of the new total – 21.2 percent – is made up of voters who have declined to affiliate with any political party, according to figures just released by Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

The Socialist Democrats maintained a substantial advantage over the GOP, accounting for 44% of the registered voters in California compared with 30% for Republicans. Both parties saw a drop of about half a percentage point over the last year.

Statewide, the number of independent, decline-to-state voters now stands at 21%, double the number that registered with no party preference in 1995.

“It’s been this way for two decades," said Allan Hoffenblum, a former GOP strategist who analyzes election contests in his nonpartisan California Target Book. "The Republican Party’s greatest problem, as far as its ability to increase the number of Republican legislators, continues to be the weak registration numbers."

The registration totals for the seven qualified political parties and voters who have no party preference are, alphabetically:
• American Independent: 428,560 registered voters or 2.52 percent of the total registered to vote, as of Jan. 3
• Americans Elect:   3,165;   0.02 percent
• Democratic:   7,429,684;   43.63 percent
• Green   111,319;   0.65 percent
• Libertarian   93,300;   0.55 percent
• Peace and Freedom:   59,012;   0.35 percent
• Republican:   5,170,592;   30.36 percent
• No Party Preference:   3,617,466;   21.24 percent
• Miscellaneous:   115,192;   0.68 percent

Republicans continue to hold a slight edge in California’s counties, holding a majority of voters in 30 of the 58 counties, the voter registration report shows. That number has been on the decline, however, since 2003 when the GOP had a majority in 37 counties. Democrats now make up a thin majority of voters in San Diego County, where the GOP held a slight edge a year ago, the report shows reports the Los Angeles Times.
(Los Angeles Times)

More and more California voters are telling both parties to go to Hell.

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