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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rape of the Taxpayer - Public Pensions

The Pigs are at the Trough  -  Everyone from illegal aliens to multi-national corporations are feeding at the taxpayer through and they all agree that you need to pay more in taxes.
  • Labor unions are fighting tooth and nail to keep raping the taxpayers.

A pension hawk who is running for mayor of San Diego released information meant to shock:
  • a retired assistant city attorney with an annual pension of $307,758
  • a chief librarian receiving $234,091
  • an 80% increase in the last two years in the number of retired city employees with pensions of more than $100,000.
"At a time when roads are falling apart, services are being cut and private-sector taxpayers are facing difficult economic realities, these pension payouts are simply offensive," Councilman Carl DeMaio, a candidate for mayor, said at a news conference last week says the Los Angeles Times.

The government gravy train goes on and on, and the taxpayers, like good Sheeple, keep bending over for these crooked bastards.

Now the city labor unions have gone to court asking a judge to block the city from putting a pension overhaul measure favored by DeMaio on the June ballot. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

The measure would end guaranteed pensions for newly hired employees and instead provide 401(k) accounts for everyone except police. The measure would also freeze salaries at which pensions are calculated for five years.
(Los Angeles Times)


Brian said...

I am a retired police chief. I get 35k a year after 25 years. This piece makes me sick.

Gary said...

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your service. You just worked for the wrong city.

Here in Bakersfield the police chief retired at age 50 with (I think) about $70,000 a year or more for life. He then took the job of chief of campus police at the local university for about the same amount of money.

So he is double dipping. Collecting money for being "retired" from one job while working full time at another job.

I will bend over backwards for law enforcement. What a crappy job dealing with scum. But there are limits on public money.

Everyone smells blood and is feeding at the public trough.