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Monday, February 6, 2012

EXTORTION: Jerry Brown extorting money to raise taxes

Getting Hammered and Sickled in California.
Comrade Jerry Brown is extorting campaign money from California businesses to fund his campaign for more taxes.  

Comrade Jerry Brown is strong arming California businesses to fund his campaign to increase taxes on job creators. 
  • Indian tribes with business before the state are being hammered to give money to Brown.

Socialist Governor Jerry Brown of the People's Republic is extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars for his tax campaign from California Indian tribes at the same time many tribes are seeking to re-negotiate lucrative gambling compacts with him.

The Democratic governor is proposing increasing the state sales tax and income taxes on California's highest earners.  To help his campaign Brown's administration is in compact talks "on various levels" with 15 to 20 tribes, said Brown's tribal negotiator, Jacob Appelsmith.

Any compacts Brown signs could significantly affect a gambling industry that generates more than $7 billion annually and millions of dollars in payments to the state reports the Sacramento Bee.

More than nine months ahead of the November tax election a number of tribes have responded to Brown's pressure and contributed more than $300,000 to his tax increase campaign, a quarter of the $1.2 million Brown on Tuesday reported raising in 2011.

Tribes donated $925,000 to Brown's gubernatorial effort in 2010

Brown spokes-hole Elizabeth Ashford lied and said there is "no connection between any sort of donations and decision-making on this issue or others."

It could also improve tribes' standing in future compact negotiations, relieving the state of historically "enormous pressure to try to extract more money" from wealthy tribes, said Jeff Cummins, a political science professor at California State University, Fresno.
(Sacramento Bee)
Turn over the "voluntary" campaign contributions now or those licences
and building permits you need will go into a fucking black hole till the end of time.

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