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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food Police crackdown on mobile food trucks

Step away from the burger and no one gets hurt.
The Socialist Democrats of California are now looking to crush even more small private businesses.  This time  Socialism is acting in the name of healthy eating and saving children.

Leftist Moron wants to ban food trucks and carts from daring to come near schools and selling their horrible fatty food to the children

  • Ban all food trucks and pushcarts from coming within 1,500 feet of schools.
  • The law says pot stores need only be 600 feet from schools.
  • "Think of the Children"  -  The new Big Brother battle cry.
  • And the idiot voters keep re-electing these Socialist Democrat morons.

The Food Nazis have their knives out to crush small businessmen and tighten their Big Brother noose around the throats of the people.
A new law has been proposed here in the People's Republic of California to further crackdown on Freedom.  Socialist Democrats Assemblyman William Monning of Carmel has introduced a bill to significantly limit where mobile lunch wagons can operate.

In this sick Leftist Fuck's wet-dream he wants to keep the lunch wagons even farther away from schools than marijuana dispensaries reports the Los Angeles Times.

This Big Brother bastard wants to ban all food trucks and pushcarts from within 1,500 feet of elementary, middle and high schools from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on school days.  Pot stores need only be 600 feet from schools.  Food truck operators say the restrictions would put large swaths of their market — as much as 80% of streets in some places — out of reach.
Kill Freedom before it can infect people  -  His legislation could put many of the mobile kitchens out of business just as the industry is surging with creativity.
Los Angeles County has about 2,650 trucks the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Assn.  No food trucks are licensed to operate in Monning's snooty posh hometown of Carmel-by-the-Sea, according to Mayor Sue McCloud.
(Los Angeles Times)

Socialist California Democrats live in fear that somehow, someway a small businessman might make a living for himself while creating jobs and wealth in the community. 


Anonymous said...

I once owned a food cart catering to the downtown lunch crowd. I specialized in soups, and wraps. You would not believe what the local Nazi bastards put me through. I wasn't allowed to change my menu until a group of 60's hippies sampled, and decided what I wanted to serve suited their tastes. Fucking tofu loving creeps know absolutely nothing about fine cooking, which was what I wanted to do; serve gourmet food from around the world , in a fast food style. Basically, I had to outsmart them with a proposal of a menu that included literally hundreds of different types of soups that would change at my discretion. These stupid fucks thought I could run a business serving the same three or four soups five days a week. The regulations were suffocating! I got wrote up by the sneaky little brown shirt bitch from the health department one afternoon after lunch was over for. My crime: Eating my own soup, in a walkin cart I designed, and built myself. It was 18F outside for fuck sake! The same brown shirt was well known and hated throughout the food community, and to this day, my blood pressure goes up just thinking about her. If you did better than code, or regulations, she would spy on you in contempt, and just wait for the slightest infraction, like eating in the cart. After a year, I said fuck it, as I did not need the money. Basically what I wanted to do was build up a clientele, and go on the music festival circuit, for fun and some profit. I was already well invested, so money wasn't a huge issue. Never again would I attempt such a thing where I live. Most people starting a business go across the river to a town which is more business friendly. It is like the difference 19th century America, and the Soviet Union. The cart had to be no more four feet by seven feet. I spent countless trying to be a "Toyota engineer" trying to design something that would acomodate my 6'4" height, and give me adequate room to serve and keep food hot, and from spoiling, and looking relaxed and confident in front of customers..

Shit Gary, this just burns my ass and has me shot gunning my thoughts. I need to go have a glass of highly regulated wine! Aren't they all?

Gary said...

I saw an article a while back in the L.A. Times on food carts about 100 years ago.

Basically they were closed down in L.A. because the regular restaurants wanted to get rid of the competition.