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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gregory Cheadle for Congress

At last a candidate who will speak up for all of us!

Thanks to Eric Dondero from "The Libertarian Republican"

He says the man he is trying to replace, Republican Rep. Wally Herger has been a "Wimpy rubber stamp," during his tenure in congress. He blasts his Republican primary opponent Doug LaMalfa a hypocrits for taking nearly $5 million in rice subsidize.
"Personally, I like Doug. But how can you condemn welfare on one hand but condone it (by taking crop subsidies) on the other?"
Meet Gregory Cheadler, grass roots Republican candidate for US Congress - northern California, (Chico, Redding).

The Redding Searchlight describes him:
Cheadle is a 55-year-old real estate broker and entrepreneur from Happy Valley, a libertarian-leaning Republican who also happens to be black.

Since last May he's been campaigning door to door in Chico and Redding. He started some six months before Herger announced his retirement after a quarter century in D.C. and anointed wealthy rice farmer Doug LaMalfa as his successor.
Where he stands: Oppose the War on Drugs, Lower Taxes! and Repeal ObamaCare 

On Health Care:
"Obamacare is ridiculous. A 2,600-page law that's about nothing more than control."
On the War on Drugs:
"A miserable failure. For years it has been used as a ruse to target blacks. Race aside, one of the more damning aspects of incarceration for drug offenses is that we send amateur offenders to jail/prison and while there they learn to become professional criminals."
On the economy:
We need to lower the tax and regulatory burden and bring down the price of energy — "it's no surprise our economy is in deep trouble."
But it's his his views on African-American culture that may be the most controversial:
Rap music has served to reinforce the worst stereotypes about blacks, he feels. "The Klan could not have done this better."
On Illegal Immigrants - "Deport, Deport, Deport"

And finally, this on immigration (from his campaign website):
Illegal immigration has become a curse to this country. Our jails and prisons are filled with illegal aliens, many of whom are gang members, at a cost of billions of dollars per year. Ironically, an illegal alien in prison has health and dental care that many American citizens do not have. Illegal aliens are involved in everything from property damage resulting from traffic accidents to the murder of U.S. citizens…and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! This MUST BE STOPPED, NOW!

The government makes a big deal about private employers hiring illegal aliens. Private employers are faced with fines if they hire an illegal alien, all in the name of discouraging illegal aliens from coming here. This is nothing more than a blatant double standard. How can the government encourage illegal aliens to come here by offering any number of welfare benefits, education, and medical care, and yet punish someone for hiring them? [The solution?] DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT...
Finally, the Searchlight notes, even Ronald Reagan was too liberal for Cheadle:
he's not afraid to criticize Ronald Reagan, who, he says, ran up the national debt and offered amnesty to illegal aliens. "And they (Republicans) love this guy? He was the beginning of the mess we're in today."
One note of caution for pro-defense libertarians: Cheadles doesn't emphasize foreign policy. It's not even mentioned on his website. But asked about it by the reporter, he sounds a little like Ron Paul, opposing the idea of being the "worlds policeman."

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