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Thursday, August 18, 2011

More jobs leave California

B-2 stealth bomber flies over the 2005 Rose Parade in Pasadena.  The military giant has
30,000 workers spread around the region.

California exports jobs and imports poverty

Yet another industry is leaving the People's Republic of California  -  the aerospace industry and thousands of good paying jobs leave with it.

Northrop Grumman Corp., the last big-name aerospace company headquartered in Southern California, is headed out of town this week.  The nation's second-largest military contractor, founded in 1939 by visionary aircraft designer Jack Northrop, is officially moving its main office to Falls Church, Va., on Monday.

When California was just a Republic the state actually made things and created good paying jobs.  But today under the Socialist People's Republic jobs are eagerly exported around the world and the poverty of poor immigrants eagerly imported from around the world in the name of "fairness."

It is just a matter of time until the 30,000 Northrop jobs left in California are relocated to business friendly states like Florida, Nevada or Texas.

It is a milestone for the corporation that along the way absorbed big names like TRW Inc., Litton Industries Inc., Westinghouse Electronic Systems and Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Today, the company is an industry giant with about $35 billion in annual sales, building such things as sophisticated satellites, high-flying spy drones and the ghostly B-2 stealth bomber. While 300 members of its corporate staff departs, it still will have about 30,000 jobs in the Southland and remain one of the region's largest private employers.

The company joins an exodus of military companies — including Lockheed Martin Corp., Science Applications International Corp. and Computer Sciences Corp. — that have abandoned the Southland since the mid-1990s in favor of headquarters nestled nearer to decision makers in Washington.

The now closed General Motors plant in Van Nuys.  California used to make things like steel, cars and TV sets and provided thousands of good paying jobs.  But under the People's Republic we export jobs and import poverty.

Having some of the world's largest aerospace companies headquartered in the Southland helped define the region, said Joel Kotkin, a professor of urban development at Chapman University in Orange.

"It used to be that if someone thought of aerospace, they'd think of Southern California," he said. "Those companies aren't here anymore. The city let them go."

When a company is based in a region it financially helps local universities and charities, as well as attracts ambitious professionals and adds to the region, Kotkin said. He points to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and J. Paul Getty Museum as examples of those benefits.

"Southern California used to be a place of great animal instincts when it came to business," he said. "We no longer have that drive."


Northrop Aircraft Co. founder Jack Northrop, right, and pilot Edward Bellande in 1929 with the original "flying wing," a design that evolved into the B-2 stealth bomber decades later.

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