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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jerry Brown believes in 19th Century technology

Luddite Socialist Governor Jerry Brown believes in ancient 19th Century technology for
transportation like covered wagons and choo-choo trains.

Earth to Brown . . . . ever hear of the Wright Brothers?  Modern people use airplanes not trains

Governor Jerry Brown, the Socialist leader of the People's Republic of California, said that the state should press forward with its troubled high-speed rail project, despite growing criticism about the project's management and cost.

Brown is the usual Luddite Democratic fool.  Airplanes transport people rapidly all over the world.  Train travel is as dead as the post office and the Pony Express.

While the nation is in a "period of massive retrenchment," Brown told the Fresno Bee's editorial board, "I would like to be part of the group that gets America to think big again."

The Democratic governor had said little publicly about the project since it came under fire this year in Sacramento, with cost estimates rising and lawmakers questioning its oversight. The project, to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles, was once expected to cost about $43 billion, a figure the California High-Speed Rail Authority is expected to update this fall.

Brown said his administration is "working directly with the authority to get their act together," adding, "I'm doing the best I can to keep this train running."

He lamented Republican opposition that defeated his plan to extend higher taxes on vehicles, income and sales, and he again suggested a ballot measure to increase taxes next year.

Earth to Moonbeam Brown.  Modern technology allows travelers to walk into a tube with wings,
sit in a chair and in only a few minutes magically arrive at cities all over the People's Republic.

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