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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taxes, taxes and more taxes

Don't worry.  It is a "fee" not a tax.

All Liberals understand is taxing the producers and stealing more and more of their money so they can buy votes

This is the way The People's Republic of California works:  the taxpayers pay for the fire departments and then selected taxpayers get taxed again to pay for the fire departments a second time.

It is the same old Bull Shit song and dance of not having enough money. 

There is no money for fighting fires, but somehow there is plenty of money for the Democrats to bend over, drop their pants and sign off on a Prison Guard Union contract.  After all, the prison guards give millions to the political hacks to make sure they get everything they need.

The state fire board approved a maximum $90 annual fee on rural homeowners Monday, well below the $150 charge envisioned by lawmakers in their June budget.

The California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection had to act by September under a Democratic budget plan to raise $50 million. But the board's emergency regulation falls well short of that target, especially when higher administrative and inspection costs are considered.

The fee structure is far from final.

Gov. Jerry Brown is working with lawmakers on a new version that allows the state to use some revenue for firefighting. Meanwhile, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has vowed to file suit against whatever plan emerges, saying the proposal is a tax that requires a two-thirds vote of the Legislature.

Board members sought to lay groundwork that would set the fee in motion, as required by Assembly Bill X1 29. Democrat Socialist Chairman Stan L. Dixon acknowledged that the regulation was a first draft and expected the board would "get an earful" from the public after approving the fee Monday.

An estimated 850,000 rural residents who live in a "state responsibility area" would have to pay the fee. The board plan calls for a maximum of $90 in annual costs for those who live in areas designated as "extreme" fire zones, while those elsewhere would pay $70.

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