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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Massive public school dropout rate in California

The Socialist Elite takes your hard earned tax money from you and then tells you that you MUST send your children to sub-standard public schools and like it.  Freedom of school choice is an alien thought to the Liberal Statist.

18.2% public school dropout rate for California

"What’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology. No amount of technology will make a dent. It’s a political problem. . . . I’m one of those people who believe the best thing we could ever do is go to the full voucher system."   

- - - - Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Apple Computers


New student dropout numbers from the Department of Education show a total and massive breakdown of the public school system in the People's Republic of California.

The Government Monopoly school system is seeing student dropouts at an alarming rate.  Add in the dumbing down of the quality of a high school diploma.  Many, many students are simply passed through the schools to keep the system "churning".  

Huge numbers of freshmen at the California State University schools are enrolled in so-called "dumb-bell" classes in order to get them up to grade level.

The failed public schools are graduating generations of functional illiterates.

BI-PARTISAN STUPIDITY:   The People's Republic is ruled by a bi-partisan Socialist Elite.  If a real democracy existed then a true opposition party would fight the status quo.  They would introduce bills to promote School Freedom of Choice or put an initiative on the ballot that might even grow their political party.

But nothing happens.  California is a Socialist one-party dictatorship. 

About a quarter of California counties have high school dropout rates of 20 percent or more.

The new figures released by the California Department of Education last week are based on information collected about individual students from their freshman year in 2006 through graduation in 2010.

Statewide, the study found nearly three out of four students graduated and 18.2 percent dropped out. The remainder of the students are either still in school, earned their GED or are in alternative programs, according to the department's press release.

The counties with a dropout rate of 20 percent or more are split between predominantly white, rural counties and more diverse counties of 100,000 residents or more.

Some of the worst dropout rates were in:
  • Inyo County (46.3 percent) 
  • Nevada County (46.1 percent)
  • Los Angeles County (20.3 percent)
  • San Bernardino County (21.2 percent).

Seven counties had a dropout rate of less than 10 percent – San Luis Obispo (9.7 percent), Mariposa (9.4 percent), Sierra (8.9 percent), Placer (8.7 percent), Amador (7.9 percent), Marin (7.3 percent) and Calaveras (6.5 percent).

The study also found "that there is still a significant gap that persists between Hispanic and African American students and their peers," with 67.7 percent of Hispanic students making it to graduation and 59 percent of African Americans earning a high school diploma.

Translation . . . .

32.3%    -    dropout rate for Hispanics
41%       -    dropout rate for African Americans

These figures represent the first time dropout rates are derived from following individual students and should more accurately represent the number of students leaving school before graduating.

Sorry little girl.  The politicians are bought and paid for by Public School Teacher Union campaign money.  Your education comes second to feathering the nest of union workers and the private contractors who service the Government School Monopoly.

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