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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Democrats the answer to everything is taxes

Democrats propose one of the highest sales taxes in America
  • The only thing the mentally challenged Marxist Democrats can think of is taking more and more money out of your wallet.

The People's Republic of Los Angeles has floated a familiar plan to bail out the California city’s over-ballasted budget. . . . taxes, taxes and more fucking God Damn taxes.

Los Angeles, despite showing thousands of city employees the exit door and with massive deficits looming for years, has managed to come up about $216 million short in its anticipated fiscal budget, even after laying off another 200 workers in the near future, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

However Wednesday, the city will discuss tax increases to be added to the March ballot, including a half-cent sales tax hike promoted by council President Herb Wesson that would squeeze another $220 million a year from taxpayers to plug the deficit reports The Examiner.

Sound familiar? If implemented, Los Angeles residents and visitors will face one of the highest sales tax rates in the state and country.

City officials claim they can’t find any cuts anywhere save basic services to balance their spending.

Meanwhile, other tax measures Los Angeles city council members will consider Wednesday include a hike in property taxes to pay for parks, higher levies on parking lots and raising real estate sales taxes.

LA Times writer and her PATHETIC article on Prop 30. John and Ken Show

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