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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, October 29, 2012

No choices at all for California voters

Banned In California.
Democrats and Republicans joined together to keep all smaller parties off California general election ballots.  The Democrats want to prevent voters from casting ballots for left-wing parties.  The GOP wants to prevent voters from supporting right-wing candidates such as Jim Gilchrist (above). 

Neither major party has any interest in a thing called Freedom. 

California's 48th congressional district special election, 2005
RepublicanJohn Campbell46,18444.24%
DemocraticSteve Young28,85327.64%
American IndependentJim Gilchrist26,50725.39%
GreenBéa Tiritilli1,4301.37%
LibertarianBruce Cohen9740.93%
Invalid ballots4570.44%
Voter turnout25.74%

Sample of a free election - Voters have many choices.

The 2010 California Elections  -  The last free election.
  • The corrupt political hacks in Sacramento have banned all smaller political parties from all general election ballots.
  • Now in almost every contest voters will only be allowed to only vote for a Democrat or a Republican.
  • Write-in votes were made illegal.
  • Welcome to the ultra-corrupt People's Republic of California.

Corruption  -  When sample ballots started arriving a few weeks ago many California voters must have wondered where all the candidates went. Previously it was possible to vote for someone other than a Republican or Democrat; most voters will not have that option this year.

Some voters won't even get to choose between a Republican and Democrat. They'll have to pick between two Democrats or two Republicans.

What happened to all the other candidates? A corrupt Proposition 14 was agreed to by both parties in a backroom midnight deal without one single public hearing.  Now only the two top parties make it to a general election ballot.  Even write-in votes were made illegal.

One characteristic of democratic systems is that voters have freedom of choice; they get to cast their ballot for whomever they consider the best option. In American politics, that means if the Republican and Democratic candidates aren't good enough, people can vote independent, Libertarian, Green or write in someone else. Even if the candidate doesn't win, voters still get to make their preferences known.

In February, the corrupt Legislature increased the number of signatures needed for minor party candidates from a maximum of 150 to between 1,500 and 10,000, depending on the office.

Both parties act together to prevent the voters from having real choices on election day.

Congressman Charles Randall
Prohibition Party

Free Elections in the Olden Days

Back in the olden days California had something called a free election. 

Candidates from many different political parties were on the same ballot.  Sometimes the smaller parties won.  Candidates from the American, Workingmen, Prohibition, Green, Progressive and Anti-Monopoly Parties have been elected to office in the Golden State.

Charles Randall was a member of the California State Assembly from 1911 to 1912. In 1914, Randall was elected to the United States Congress as a member of the Prohibition Party.

Taking advantage of California election laws at the time, Randall was re-elected in 1916 as the nominee of the Prohibition, Democratic, Republican, and Progressive parties defeating Charles W. Bell (running as an independent candidate) by the margin of 58,826 to 33,270 (57.8% to 32.7%) with 9,661 votes for the Socialist Party candidate.

Randall was re-elected by a 38,782 to 31,689 (55% to 45%) margin over a Republican in 1918.

California's 9th congressional district election, 1914
ProhibitionCharles Hiram Randall28,09730.9%
ProgressiveCharles W. Bell (incumbent)27,56030.3%
RepublicanFrank C. Roberts25,17627.7%
SocialistHenry A. Hart10,08411.1%
Voter turnout%
Prohibition gain from Republican



Mr. Mcgranor said...

Holy Moses! It's a cliche by now.

Gary said...

A cliche, but no less a sad one.

Gary said...

A cliche, but no less a sad one.