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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bat Child Has Been Found!

The Truth is Out There 
Bat Child grew up to be a Leftist Congressman
  • Yet another California "election" with no Republican on the ballot.  A race between an "independent" and a Democrat.
  • Somewhere free elections exist . . . . the search must go on until they are found.

By Gary;

Everything that could be wrong with elections is on display in the new 33rd Congressional District of Los Angeles County.

Obamacare  -  The corrupt "top two" primary gave the voters no real choices in November.  Both Democrat Leftist Congressman Henry Waxman and "independent" Bill Bloomfield support Socialist Obamacare.

No Party Primary  -  The corrupt top two system does not allow any political party to select any candidate for the November election.

This insane system reduces voter choices.  Unlike in past elections, voters will not have a Green, Libertarian, American Independent or even a Republican on the ballot to select from. 

And reducing your ballot choices is exactly what the Elites want.

Super Big Districts  -  Congressional seats have ballooned up to 700,000 people and often cover huge geographical areas.  Neither voters nor candidates have any way of personally connecting with each other.  Only through ultra expensive TV and direct mail can campaigns reach voters.

Election reform is needed to increase the number of Congressmen.  Then district size be brought down to reasonable levels where democracy can function.

The Super Rich  -  Because of the massive size of districts only millionaires or candidates funded by wealthy cartels of unions and business can win election.  Candidates are for sale to the highest bidder.  The average voted is fucked.

Because of huge districts only millionaires or candidates
financed by millionaires can win elections.  The average citizen
has no say in his government anymore.

33rd District

One candidate is a prominent Beverly Hills Democrat.  Waxman is a veteran of more than three decades in Congress and is funded by wealthy interests looking to loot the US Treasury.

The other candidate is Bill Bloomfield, a wealthy Manhattan Beach businessman who purchased his place on the fall ballot.  He is a first-time contender who ditched the Republican Party to become independent.

Missing in Action  -  Because of big money there is no one on the ballot that represents the average voter and the corrupt top two primary allows no other choices on the November ballot. . . . just as the liar political hacks intended.

"I expect to win, but nobody should take this for granted," Waxman said recently at a meeting of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Democratic Club. He framed the fall elections as the crucible for "a basic vision for the future" of the country.

Bloomfield offers a similar take: "I'm running because I'm very concerned about the country we're going to leave our children and grandchildren," he told a Republican group not long ago.

Waxman typically has given much of his campaign cash to other candidates and causes. This time he's concentrating on his own race. He spent about $550,000 in the June primary and had $1 million on hand as of June 30. He expects Bloomfield, who largely bankrolled his own $1.4-million primary.

(Los Angeles Times)

The 33rd Congressional District.
This massive supersized district runs from Rancho Palos Verdes near Long Beach up to Beverly Hills then up to the San Fernando Valley communities of Calabasas and Agoura.  Then at the Ventura County line it swings south to Malibu.  
Due to the insane size, basically only Beverly Hills has a Congressman.
The district is 44% Democrat, 28% Republican and 28% Independents and 3rd parties. 

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