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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Friday, November 2, 2012

California GOP voter registration falls again

California GOP at a pitiful 29.4% of the state's voters
  • It is the lowest GOP showing since the state started tracking in 1922.
  • In 1999 the California GOP stood at 35.2%.

Voter registration has hit record highs in California while Republicans' share of voters has dropped to a historic low statewide and countywide, according to final numbers posted by the secretary of state Friday.

California Republicans have a serious concern. Republicans dropped below 30 percent of all voters for the first time since the state began tracking party affiliation in 1922. Republicans are now at 29.4 percent of all voters, down from 31.4 in 2008 reports the Orange County Register.

Democrats have also lost voter share in the state but unlike Republicans, increased their raw numbers. Democrats now account for 43.7 percent of voters, down from 44.4 percent in 2008. Unaffiliated voters have increased from 19.9 percent to 20.9 percent.

Statewide, 18.2 million people are registered to vote – 77 percent of all of those eligible to register, according to Secretary of State Debra Bowen. That's 942,000 more than in 2008. The surge of voter registration in the last 45 days is less than in the last presidential election, with 986,000 signing up this year while 1.2 million registered during that period four years ago.

(Orange County Register)

For the California GOP to grow it would help that they actually stand for something.  It was just this August that State Assembly Republican Caucus Chairman Brian Nestande voted with the Democrats to increase sales taxes.
See our article:  GOP Leader Nestande votes for more taxes then resigns.

Betrayed Again
Anti-tax voters have been betrayed by California GOP leaders over and over and over again. Republicans leaders from Governor Schwarzenegger to Lt. Governor Able Maldonado to GOP leaders in the legislature have all supported tax increases.

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