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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Democrats make you pay to drive your car

Screwed by the Democrat Party
  • First you are taxed to build the roads.
  • Then you are taxed to maintain the roads.
  • Now you are going to be taxed to even take your car on the road.
  • And the mouth-breathing Sheeple voters keep supporting Leftist Democrats who take more and more money out of their wallets.

For the first time the People's Republic of  Los Angeles County will try "congestion pricing," charging individual drivers who want to pick up their pace and use carpool lanes.
The one-year pilot program will start with a stretch of the 110 Freeway spanning 11 miles southward from downtown LA. The express lanes could cut up to three minutes per mile off the trip, but the trip could cost more than $15 reports San Jose Mercury News.

Toll roads and lanes have existed for years in neighboring Orange County and are standard on the East Coast but a novelty in Los Angeles County, and one that advocates say is long overdue and should reduce congestion for drivers in other lanes, too.
"It's about time," said Leftist nut-case Donald Shoup, a UCLA urban "planning" professor who has long lobbied for toll lanes to re-distribute the wealth to Big Government.
Some drivers were less happy. Using the lanes will require a transponder in the car even for carpoolers, though they can still drive in them for free.

"Look at all the tax fees we're paying already," said 45-year-old Lisa Lavine as she stood outside the office where the transponders are sold, "then they're coming out with this."

"We shouldn't have to pay to use the everyday freeway," Lavine said.
A 14-mile toll lane along Interstate 10 is planned for next year, and similar lanes could end up spanning the region, with scores of existing carpool lanes converted for tolls from individual drivers.

And the Sheeple pay and pay and pay.

The Sheeple of California keep re-electing the very insane Socialists
who increase their taxes again and again.